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By mustang6560 on 4/8/11
The oobgolf "Masters Best Ball Challenge" group on ESPN is looking pretty competitive.

If you forgot to update your roster before the start of today's round, don't worry. ESPN automatically used your roster from round 1.

Naturally, I want to win it all. But, the only person I am particularly interested in beating is Kickntrue. Currently, I'm T8 while Andrew is near the bottom of the group at T40. My brother is also in this group so beating him wouldn't be too shabby either.

The currently leaderboard for our group is:
T1 "billybadaz07"
T1 "putz"
T1 "gatesy"
T4 "Mix Master Festus"
T4 "Tee it High 22"
T4 "mdv612 oob"
By the time this post hits, the leaderboard will probably have changed. But I wanted to give a +1 to the current leaders before we head into the week. Plus, I wanted to give you another opportunity for some trash talking.

Make sure you adjust your roster before the weekend rounds. Otherwise, you may be starting a player who didn't make the cut. FYI, you can set your roster for tomorrow today.

oobgolf's Group on ESPN

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Banker85 says:
cm'on cant even put in the top 10?! I dominated yesterday. Hey so here is a good question i dont know if you answered but i am sure i am not the only oober wondering...

What does the winner win? and dont say pride or bragging rights that is for pansies!
Banker85 says:
Still in it and i didnt get a chance to revamp todays lineup. Tomorrow looks promising. what is the cut line looking at right now?
lazorbeam says:
I think I heard the cut is +2 maybe +1
Clint24 says:
I'm still T-10 at -22, only 2 off the lead!!!
bobhooe says:
No help from Phil today
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