WGC Adds 2012 Event in South Africa
By mustang6560 on 4/12/11
The International Federation of PGA Tours finalized a deal over the weekend at Augusta National to add a fifth World Golf Championship event in South Africa in 2012.
South Africa will host a World Golf Championship event in 2012 offering prize money of $10 million, making it the richest tournament in world golf, the commissioner of the Sunshine Tour said Tuesday.

Gareth Tindall said the five-year deal was sealed after meetings with the U.S. PGA Tour and the International Federation of PGA Tours in Augusta, Ga., last week.
The date and venue have not been finalized. But, the proposed date, December 2012, would conflict with two events- the South African Sunshine Tour Nedbank Challenge and Tiger Woods' Chevron Challenge. When asked about the potential conflict with Tiger Woods' event, the commissioner of the Sunshine Tour said "they will have to move it".

This is how I envision the final deal went down:
Sunshine Tour: "We want to add the WGC event for 2012."

IF PGA Tour: "Eh, that's a little soon. Don't you think?"

Sunshine Tour: "We'll offer $10 million."

IF PGA Tour: "Deal."
I think it's really cool they are adding another World Golf Championship event, especially to South Africa. Golf is a global sport so it's a good thing that the organization (IF PGA Tour) in charge of forging relationships with all the tours of the world is trying to expand its global reach.

We'll see if Tiger is cool with having to move his own tournament.

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mjaber says:
Would Tiger keep his event the same week, and then go play in the WGC event?
mustang6560 says:
Doubt it. That would be a lot of traveling in a short period of time.
mjaber says:
@mustang... I guess I should have been a bit more clear. Would he skip his own event for the chance at the $10 mil purse?
mustang6560 says:
Not sure. It will depend on what the other players want to do. If the invitees decide to skip the Chevron Challenge for the WGC event then I don't think Tiger will have a choice.
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