Bill Simmons Explains Tiger
By Kickntrue on 4/12/11
While ESPN drives me crazy 95% of the time when they're not showing live sports, the one thing they have going for them online is Bill Simmons. The dude CARRIES the company.

After spending the entire weekend trying to explain to my wife why I was rooting for Tiger so hard- with no success, Simmons penned a great column on Monday to explain it so much more eloquently than myself.

The highlights please:
I am supposed to think that he's a poor role model -- that he's an adulterer, that he's selfish, that he's a phony, that he behaves badly on golf courses, that he's someone I wouldn't want my son to emulate some day. That's horses---. I want my son to know that people screw up, that nobody is perfect, that you can learn from your foibles. I want my son to watch "The Natural" someday, hear Roy Hobbs say, "Some mistakes you never stop paying for," and know that it's not just words in a movie. I want my son to know that you haven't lived until you've fought back, that you haven't won until you've lost, that you can't understand what it's like to relish something until you've suffered, too. I want him to understand that it's the 21st century, that we sit around picking our heroes apart all day, that we expect them to be superhuman at all times, that we get pissed off when they aren't, that it's hypocritical if you really think about it.

I want my son to know that great athletes are meant to be appreciated, not emulated. He can steal Tiger's fist pump without wanting to become him. He can play Tiger's video game without feeling like Tiger is his best friend. He can imitate Tiger's swing without getting the urge to bed every cocktail waitress and model he meets. We should have learned by now that athletes aren't role models in the traditional sense -- they exist to entertain us and inspire us, and that's really it.
In typical Simmons fashion, the article is about 500 words too long, so give yourself about 10 minutes for the full read- but it could be the best thing you do all day. I showed this to my wife and while I never expect her to like Tiger again- I think she "gets it."

We (and the rest of the media) may talk about Tiger way too much- but it's because he's often the only thing in golf worth talking about.

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birdieXris says:
A good article for sure. One thing i don't agree with is where he said tiger limped around the course dripping blood, and snapped at an interviewer. He didn't do anything of the sort. He played solid golf. Not great golf, but a solid round of golf. He also didn't snap at the interviewer, he just said "i'm going to wait and see if it holds up" when asked if Tiger thought he would win. Then he smiled and said "i'm gonna go eat, i'm starving". Very valid answer IMO.
ibashdaily says:
This was a great article. I can't wait for Simmons' own website to launch. Klosterman, Gladwell (I imagine Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla will contribute too) and everyone else in Simmonsland are going to be writing columns. You're right, he absolutely carries
homermania says:
Everybody's talking about him snapping at the reporter. I highly disagree, I thought it was funny to hear him say, "I'm gonna get a sandwich." Great Simmons article.
lcgolfer64 says:
Agree with everyone so far on this one. When I was watching it live, and I heard the reporter ask that question< I said right away to myself "Wow, Really? What a dumbass question to ask," right as Tiger was answering. I think the TMZ type media-hype questions are leaking into golf, especially around Tiger.
Think about it, if you just came off playing like that (again you've been #1 in the world) and you know you posted a good comeback but most likely not enough, how would you answer? I'm generally the guy who never really says what he really thinking, but I think I might have been a little 'short' myself.
legitimatebeef says:
There is too much self-reflection. Yea, Tiger indeed brought a great deal of shame and confusion to the game of golf. People can't just enjoy Tiger. Or not enjoy Tiger. It has to be a whole spiel either way.
Torleif Sorenson says:
BX, you're right again. 1000 points for a good post.
Lennox says:
Bill Macatee has got to be one of the worst, ad-hoc, post round interviewers. Every interview, including Tiger's was confusing, awkward and rambling. I'm totally not surprised that Tiger gave short answers - I didn't even understand the questions. If I were to interview Tiger I would have said to him: "Nice comeback, looks like you had a lot of fun out there."

Didn't Tiger dismiss Macatee last year with a "Later dude" after one of the interviews. I wonder if Macatee has a reputation of being a douche?
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