Rory McIlory Greeted By Ex-Girlfriend At The Masters
By mustang6560 on 4/12/11
It's 3:30 PM CST on Sunday afternoon in Augusta, Ga. 21 year old golf phenom Rory McIlroy had a one stroke lead at The Masters, heading into the back nine- the "scoring" nine. And Holly Sweeney, Rory's ex-girlfriend was waiting in the clubhouse to surprise him with a kiss on the 18th green after he won his first major at The Masters. What a brilliant moment that was about to ensue.
Unknown to McIlroy, or indeed to anyone outside his management company, Holly had secretly rushed over from Holywood to surprise him on the 18th green at the conclusion of the season's opening Major.

It was supposed to be a fantastic celebration, a joyous snapshot to go around the world.

Instead, as it all spiralled into humiliation, Holly remained hidden from him in the clubhouse.
Way to go Rory! Way to ruin Holly's moment in the spotlight! Instead of Rory being able to celebrate his greatest accomplishment as a professional golfer with his ex-girlfriend - who Rory says "We still get on great" (wonder what that means) - she had to be a shoulder to cry on.

I'm sure Holly is a great girl, but I can't help but find this borderline "gold digger-ish". She wasn't there to support him leading up to the tournament and she wasn't there during the tournament. But when it looked like Rory may actually win, she hopped on a plane. It seems to me she was more interested in having her own moment at The Masters rather than showing support for Rory. I mean, she wasn't there to greet him on 18 after he crumbled. If she was really there to support him, she should have walked out to greet Rory instead of hiding in the clubhouse. I would think Rory would need more comfort after a crushing loss rather than a Masters victory.

Had Rory won The Masters, I think Holly's move (flying overnight to Georgia) could have gone down as the ultimate WAG performance. Maybe next year, Holly.

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birdieXris says:
Yup. second that, Mustang. Definitely comes off as golddigger-ish to hide after something like that instead of comforting him. It really looks awful now on her though, now that the story is out. I think she would have definitely been better off to be embarrassed after flying that far than where she is now.
mustang6560 says:
I wonder what Rory's reaction was seeing as he "didn't" know she was coming.
ericsmi says:
My question is, how did she get in? One of the toughest tickets to get and she just shows up assuming she'll get a "free pass"????
Banker85 says:
Who the hell let in the Ex? they did say EX? right!? SHe could have been crazy as most ex's are and ruined the celebration. And who is to say he would want to see his EX after he won? Ex's are ex's for a reason. Ya sounds like Rory still gets it in every now and then. what a gold digger. I heard she left with Tiger!
phraynck says:
I don't think gold-digger is really it, since Rory is already making a lot of money. Fame whore is probably the better term
Neo says:
Actually, Rory DID see his ex... at the turn. Then, he stepped up to hit his tee shot on #10
mmontisano says:
it sounds to me lime maybe Chubby (heh heh) Chandler and his management hid her from him.
wdelnero says:
@Banker85 hahaha I was thinking the same thing
sigmapete1 says:
It was probably good for Rory's confidence. She recognized that he couldn't leave Augusta without getting anything in the hole all day. Granted the ones on the course are likely much more difficult.
munk24 says:
Saw her on telecast for tournament he played in this weekend.
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