Can America Still Compete?
By mustang6560 on 4/13/11
Has the United States lost its competitive mojo?
I'm writing today to express concern about the growing number of sports in which our native sons and daughters are getting waxed. I call your attention to the past weekend at Augusta, where besides Tiger Woods and Bo Van Pelt, the next highest American, I believe, was Ben Hogan. Looking at that, I was madder than LeBron James' mom.

What's going on? When ourJack Nicklaus won his last Masters 25 years ago, there were only nine international golfers who made the cut. Almost that many were in the lead Sunday.
I think it's fair to say that outside the "big four" professional sports - NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL - Americans aren't as competitive as we used to be.

As a whole, Americans put more value on their children playing football or basketball or baseball while the rest of the world is playing more soccer, golf, tennis, gymnastics, etc. Part of it comes down to money. There is more money in football and basketball versus soccer of tennis in the USA. The other part is idea that "real" men play football because it's a "man's" sport.

I think the USA will still be the country to beat at next Olympics. But, I wouldn't be surprised to see the aura of American athletics disappear just like Tiger's.

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erickbelus says:
Well, in the 2010 masters the top 20 had 14 Americans. Certainly the rest of the world fared better than us this year, but it is the rest of the world. There's just a lot of international golfers that are at the top of their game at the moment. There's a whole lot of American talent on the PGA tour. I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet.
mjaber says:
Why is it always the US vs. The World? Why don't we just compare apples to Air Force One?
bashworth says:
I don't understand US vs europe either, they have like 425,000,000 (million) more people than we do.
mustang6560 says:
It's because comparatively, there are only a few countries with as many/more people than the USA so it's always had to be US vs the World to be competitive.
legitimatebeef says:
Yes, I think America can still compete.
bducharm says:
Child please! There are more and more International players doing great things. It's amazing how many of those International players that move to the US, go to college here, and play and practice on the US courses. Isleworth and Lake Nona are 2 such examples. When the Tavistock Cup was played, look at how many of the players were "International" players. American golf is in great hands - Fowler, Johnson, Watney, Mahan, etc. The 40-somethings are just fine too...
Paolo says:
As an outsider I don't think the US has anything to worry about on the world sports which you take part in. Over history domination or at least competitiveness comes in waves. I believe this is because of the human trait of complacency. We all get complacent when we are doing well then have to buck up our ideas when others catch up.
The part Americans have to realise is you don't play a lot of truly WORLD sports. Football (Soccer) dwarfs all of the so called US big four, and Cricket certainly eclipses three of them and the recent World Cup final had well over 1bn TV viewers. I would even wager Rugby would have more participants than Basketball, Football (American), Hockey and certainly Baseball. ...
Paolo says:
...I love Hockey and as you can tell from my image that I support the Canes. And I have been to see them. Quite a few kids over here in Coventry, England play hockey, probably because we have a fairly decent team but it is no way a big worldwide sport, it’s not bad but not big.
You’re not suddenly rubbish at sports, you’ve got some pretty decent golfers, tennis has dropped back recently even your Football (soccer) team ain’t bad. If you had more resources put into truly world sports rather than spreading your lot too thinly between world and US sports things would improve. However you’d kick all our butts at Football, Baseball, Basketball and most other countries except the Canadians at Hockey.
Matt F says:
@Paolo - well said. Have to agree 100%. One question: Why, when winning the Superbowl, does the team become World Champions? What other countries have they beaten to become World Champions?

Duffer 83 says:
I think part of the our problem in the US in regards to all sports is that our best athletes are playing Basketball, Football (real american football), and Baseball the rest of the world has its best athletes in a larger variety of sports.
Torleif Sorenson says:
IMHO the reason we haven't seen more high-profile coverage of Americans playing association football (soccer), rugby (union or league), or my personal favorite (Australian rules football) is because of marketing demands. That's why networks like NBC and ABC have to broadcast dreck like "all-star poker," which isn't even a sport. They broadcast whatever they think will sell commercial slots. (Just think, we used to have ABC Wide World of Sports, too.)

Thanks in part to the Internet, other sports are quickly gaining ground in the U.S. and Canada -- Australian rules football in particular. At least 35 U.S. cities have formed amateur clubs (, most with at least one team. Same story in Canada (, where one native son has already made it to the Australian Football League; Michael Pyke plays for Sydney.

Just because it's not featured on ESPN Sportscenter doesn't mean it isn't actually popular here in North America. And MWFaith1971 is exactly right.
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