Check Out 2011 Masters Yardage Book
By mustang6560 on 4/14/11
Golfwrx got their hands on Kevin Streelman's yardage book from the 2011 Masters at Augusta National. When asked how they got their hands on it, one of the Wrx Media Staffers said:
Kevin is a good friend.
Golfwrx watermarked all of the images, which is lame (but, I understand why they did it). Anywho, it's pretty cool to see how the pros get their distance information, especially at Augusta National.

2011 Yardage Book from Augusta National

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Kurt the Knife says:
wow. cool. always wondered what those cats were carryin' around.
tcjonny says:
i used the examples from past years books that ian poulter posted to his twitter to make myself a template, then used google earth to make books just as detailed for several of the courses around me. google earth is amazingly accurate and having that much information helps me manage the course better.
DougE says:
TCjonny, great idea. I have been diagramming the greens and fairways on my primary course for the last year or so. Each time I play alone I take the time to add to my notes and additional illustrations of each hole which I have made to the over-the counter $5 yardage book. My "customized" book now shows me far more than what my original 5 bucks got me. But, I really like the idea of using Google Earth the way you did. I think I might steal that idea.
goatbarn says:
If you'd like to make your own with Google Images, you might want to check out the tutorial and use the Master Template in there to paste the images and print it out double sides top to bottom, cut, staple and away you go.

Here's the link...
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