Woman Thrown From Golf Cart
By mustang6560 on 4/19/11
This tragedy is an unfortunate example of my point last week.
Marilyn McCafferty, 66, died Sunday after being thrown from a golf cart driven by her husband, Kenneth Shawn McCafferty, 44.

"We're a pretty close-knit community. We're all pretty upset about the loss of Marilyn," said resident Gary Lampinen, 70. "She was a very giving person, very gregarious."

Lampinen, like many in this community off Coconut Road, travel from their homes to the clubhouse by driving golf carts. The speed limit on the roads - many of them named according to a South Pacific theme - is 15 mph.
Even at slow speeds, golf carts can be dangerous because they don't include seat belts and inevitably, people aren't as careful because "what's the worst that can happen in a golf cart?" I hope the residents of Fort Myers, FL consider this accident before they vote on the city ordinance to permit golf carts on local roads.

Anyone else notice that this lady was 22-years older than her husband (talk about robbing the cradle)? When I hear about a 66 year old man dating a younger woman, I don't think twice about it. But when it's reversed, it seems really weird. I'm 25 and could hardly imagine dating a woman who is an entire generation older than me. Well, maybe I could handle it if it was someone like Demi Moore...

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dottomm says:
Yea. 22 years. Maybe she really was 'thrown' from the cart.
Paolo says:
mustang6560... Maybe it's not your place to judge !
Kurt the Knife says:
Jeez. Ya never know when you're gonna go.
Like a radiologist pal of mine used to say (alla the time ad nauseam)
"Yeah...ya never know...lookit that. Primary Bronchgenic Carcinoma! Moral of the story? GO FOR THE GUSTO...yeah FOR THE GUSTO!"

As far as the age difference thing goes. My wife is 11 older than me n we do quite well. Quite well indeed...yes, quite well. She just lives my age.
Kurt the Knife says:
sry bronchogenic
mustang6560 says:
Please don't confuse my commentary for judgement. I'm not judging. If life has taught me one lesson so far, never judge a book by it's cover.
ppinkert says:
Yeah older women just taste better....ahhh I mean are better...like a fine aged wine.
Backquak says:
yeah, Demi, my dream girl, I don't know what the age gap would be but I don't care either.
Kurt the Knife says:
What I have always loved about older women:
Their ability to pay attention. Their wiser views on relationships. They've known their desires and have become unafraid to express them. Like me, they prefer most things proceed slower. Conversations span broader horizons and travel in unexpected directions. The ability to reason thru unexpected upsets. Values have evolved past the "entertainment is priority one" stage. The ability to contemplate quietly with a partner each in their own mind without irrational insecurities. And a desire to learn more, quietly and mindfully.

Yeah, gimme an older girl.
666 Iron says:
My wife is 4 months older than me. I don't think that really counts.
sigmapete1 says:
I'm no detective but I see a significantly older woman with a younger man thrown from golf cart to her death and the first questions I have are "was she rich, did she have a big life insurance policy and is he the beneficiary?"

As for women in general, I subscribe to the philosophy of "I keep getting older and they stay the same age."
falcon50driver says:
I like my women to say "Gee mister, you know, like, everything!"
carv712 says:
It sounds like Paolo woke up on the wrong side of the bed - perhaps the side that his slightly older wife sleeps on? you dog.
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