'Publish the details' Says R&A Boss
By mustang6560 on 4/20/11
Peter Dawson, the CEO of the R&A - golf's largest and second most important ruling body - said yesterday that the PGA Tour and the European Tour should consider making public the details of all disciplinary actions handed down to the players.
I think golf can still be held up as a model for many other sports to follow in terms of player behaviour at every level. Incidents do get a lot of publicity and rightly so. That's indicative that it is exceptional in golf to see these things.

. . .

I think keeping it quiet, whilst there are many good reasons for doing that at tour level, is probably something that tours should look at changing because I do think that keeping these things in the public domain has a lot of benefit in keeping our standards of behaviour high.
I'm glad Peter and I are on the same page.

The two tours (especially the PGA Tour) have been quiet on fines through the years to maintain golf's positive reputation. I understand this idea from a brand management point of view, but publishing the details of fines only makes sense.

Some players - and people in general - respond to one-on-one reprimands. But, the only fair and effective way to penalize players is to shame them a bit. Is Kevin Na going to speed up his pace of play if the only penalty is a $1,500 fine and nobody ever knows about it? Absolutely not. We'll see how the PGA Tour responds to Peter's idea.

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