Remembering Brian Davis' Honesty
By mustang6560 on 4/21/11

Brian Davis birdied the 72nd hole at the Verizon Heritage Classic to force a playoff with eventual winner Jim Furyk. After a solid tee shot on the first playoff hole, Brian turned on his pinseeker mode and went right for the flag.

His ball landed a little short and ran down onto the beach, which was considered a hazard. He was left with a chip that was surrounded by reeds that had washed up on shore from the ocean. Brian knew he couldn't touch anything because it was a hazards but he wasn't worried. He consulted his caddie and then made the decision to hit the chip instead of taking relief.

He hit his shot and that was that. Or so everyone thought, expect Brian. During his backswing, he thought he saw a reed move. He called the rules official to have the video review his shot. At first glance, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But, in super, super slow replay, the rules officials saw he did in fact "touch" a reed.

The penalty cost Brian his chance at his first PGA Tour victory and about $400k.
Friends said to me, 'That penalty cost you $400,000,'" Davis recalls. "And I said, 'No it probably cost me more like $2 million.' A win would've gotten me into the Masters. My endorsement bonuses would have kicked in. A win opens so many doors. All of the sudden, I'd be in the world events like the SBS, with guaranteed money. There's no price you could put on it. It cost me $400,000 on that Sunday. But how much did it really cost me? Who knows? Winning at the Verizon Heritage would've been awesome. Probably the hardest thing is knowing how much a win can possibly change your career.
I guess I am supposed to applaud Brian Davis. I just don't understand how you can be penalized on a shot if it takes super slow motion replay to see.

I know Brian's honesty made him into an overnight "hero". But I just can't help but feel bad for him. I agree that in golf the worst label in golf is "cheater". I just hope he's remembered for more than his "honesty". I hope he gets at least one career victory.

Funny thing about the whole situation is the fact that after his loss, Brian had to console his kids because they thought he was about to win, which meant they were finally going to get a boat. Ah, the beauty of kids, right?

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Torleif Sorenson says:
He's still a hero with strong character. Evidence? Two words: Tiger Woods.
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