Tiger Woods Needs Attitude Adjustment
By mustang6560 on 4/22/11
I just read an interesting article on how Tiger Woods better start winning because the media and fans are tired of putting up with his childish antics.

When he wins, people are intoxicated by him. But since he's posted a goose egg over the last 17 months, people are less tolerant to his foul mouth and bad attitude on the course.
He still curses. He still tosses clubs. His interviews, still, are clipped and smug — the few he gives, that is.

This new version of Tiger Woods was supposed to be warmer, fuzzier, someone who showed more respect for the game and all those fans who've made him a very rich man. A year later, it appears as if the only thing about Woods that's really changed is his ability to win.

No one expected Woods to become Phil Mickelson when he returned to the game following the swiftest, sharpest downfall of a star athlete in recent memory. Taming his temper and ego was going to be as big a project as his swing change, and he's having about as much luck.
I agree with the premise here. When people win, the public is willing to overlook their shortcomings as an individual because people like winners. But, if you don't win, then people aren't as willing to tolerate your behavior.

Luckily for Tiger, it's only a matter of time before he starts winning again so he'll never "have" to change his behavior. He caught some heat for his post round interview on Sunday at Augusta, but I didn't see what the problem was. I didn't find him overly testy or anything. I do think Tiger is cold and he's uninterested in talking about things he doesn't want to talk about, but I also think some people just looking to fault Tiger. Why? Because he's the most newsworthy golfer on Tour. Talking about Tiger sells more copies than talking about most other players.

I don't think Tiger will ever be the media favorite. For a brief moment in time when Tiger's scandal broke, the curtains fell and the world got a tiny glimpse into the very private life of Tiger. Now that the divorce is final and he and Elin are settling into their new lives', the curtains went back up and Tiger will go back to not answering questions about his personal life. Does this make him a jerk? Some people want to say yes, but the reality is he's just a private guy who wants to control his life off the course.

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ToddRobb says:
Personally when I found out a few years ago he was a terrible tipper I thought he was a jerk then. I also couldn't care less if he's a jerk or not. For me I don't try to get to know strangers (athletes) and their personal lives. As a matter of fact, I would prefer to know as little as possible about their lives, but I know that's not the world we now live in. The world has become one big reality television show, then we complain when we don't like what we see. I've been saying for as long as anyone would listen that Tiger is wired differently, who knew how different he was??? So he curses and tosses clubs,, does it really matter???? Have you listened to the music on the radio these days??? If you actually listen to the lyrics, some are extremely offensive without using one curse word. Sad but true, if Phil had a little of the fire the Tiger has, HE would be dominating the golf world right now.
ericsmi says:
When we stop asking the same questions and ask him something relevant, maybe he'll make an effort to respond.
Bama61 says:
Everything that's happened in golf over the last 10 to 15 years is like a double edged sword. We all want golf to grow and get more kids involved. However we want it done to the standards of years gone by. Unfortunately, kids aren't raised the same way they were in the era of most of our favorites, who are now on or nearing the senior tour. I'm not blaming the kids at all it's just the society we live in today. As I was always told growing up, we want our cake and eat it to. Well it's never going to happen the way we'd like it to. We're going to have to except that the times are a changing. Not necessarily for the better or worse. It's just changing and the game we all love is changing with it. There were older golfers that gave interviews and didn't want to answer questions just like Tiger. It was just not talked about as much because the manors of old were in play.
RyanLigon says:
@ericsmi I agree. Everyone knows he's a difficult interview so why ask the same questions? And what are people expecting from a post round interview? I figured it'd be "How do you feel you played?", "Do you think the new putter had anything do to with your putting?" stuff like that and be done with it.

As for the cussing, most people do that and as long as they're not yelling it's no big deal. Throwing the clubs just seems a jerk move to his caddy.

It'd be boring if everyone was the same.
ToddRobb says:
@Bama61, I agree 100%. There was a point in time when you could say the image that Tiger displays would not be good for the kids, today extreme behavior has become standard. Golfs history has shown to be slow with keeping pace with society on many levels, from the rules, to not allowing minorities and women as members at golf clubs. There are a few golfers on the senior tour right now that when they were Tigers age if they had a bad round the reporters knew all to well to stay way from them. If you are on the tour now, with all the money that is being paid in TV contracts, you pretty much agree to give "access" no matter what kind of day you've had.
mattshaver says:
i'll give you the swearing and club throwing, but not smug. when i hear him speak in interviews, i hear a guy who is supremely confident in his abilities. that's how you talk about your golf game when you were the number 1 player for as long as he was. besides, maybe that's just his personality. maybe he has a hard time being personable to probably hundreds of different people every tournament.
falcon50driver says:
ToddRobb, where have you been?
ToddRobb says:
@merlin It's good to be back playing again.
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