Brandt Snedeker Wins The Heritage
By mustang6560 on 4/25/11
Whew, (wipes sweat from forehead), I almost had to write Luke Donald an apology letter this morning for predicting he would not win at The Heritage similar to the one I wrote Bubba Watson.

It took three holes in a sudden death playoff, but Brandt Snedeker edged Englishman Luke Donald to win his first title of 2011 and the second of his career.
"I said there are two jackets I wanted to earn in my lifetime, a Green Jacket and a plaid jacket," Snedeker said. "I've got one.

He earned the plaid jacket, given annually to the winner of The Heritage, by shooting a 64 at Harbour Town on the final day and then outlasting Luke Donald in a three-hole playoff, thwarting Donald's attempt to become the No. 1-ranked player in the world.
The other major headline from the weekend is we have a new pecking order in the OWGR. Lee Westwood posted a five stroke victory at the Indonesian Masters to overtake Martin Kaymer as the No. 1 golfer in the world. Had Luke Donald won in South Carolina, he would have jumped Westwood and taken the No. 1 ranking for himself. Instead, by finishing second at The Heritage, Donald will remain third.

Brandt is not a PGA Tour rookie and this wasn't his first career victory, but his win does fit the story line of 2011: a different person wins every week. Expect for Mark Wilson, we've had no repeat winners. Personally, I think this is good for golf because outside of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson and the major tournaments, the average sports fan does not keep up with golf. The average sports fan is more likely to catch the name of the tournament winner than any other player besides the big names. So while Tiger is struggling and Phil, well being Phil, it gives households across America (and parts of the world watching the PGA Tour), an opportunity to learn the names of up and coming stars. And who knows, maybe the next Tiger Woods.

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Backquak says:
I guess I should apologize to Luke, since I put him on my fantasy team I pretty much locked him out of victory, sorry Luke, and while I'm at it, sorry Rory for having you on my team at the Masters. Man, I really thought Luke had it in the bag, those final round leads are tough to hang on to.
tennesseeboy says:
I was pulling for Snedeker since we are from the same hometown. I have to strongly disagree that this is good for golf. I think having a different winner every week is very bad for golf. Every sport need's superstars and great rivalries to get/keep people interested. Right now professional golf has neither.
Banker85 says:
He played some clutch shots in the playoff holes. And a great round before. well deserved win.
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