History of Plaid Jacket at The Heritage
By mustang6560 on 4/25/11
After Brandt Snedeker was presented with a plaid jacket for winning The Heritage Sunday afternoon, I got to thinking, "What's the history of the plaid jacket?"

So naturally, I went to The Heritage's official website first. Nothing. How could they not the history of the plaid jacket not be on their website? Shameful.

Next, I searched "The Heritage" on Wikipedia thinking the history of the Tartan jacket would be documented there. Again, nothing. Usually Wikipedia is my go to resource.

Then, I did a Google search of "history plaid jacket + the heritage". As I looked through the results, my frustration was beginning to reach a boiling point. I mean, how long should you have to search the Internet for a piece of information as seemingly important as the plaid jacket at The Heritage?

Finally, I found some useful information. The history of the tartan jacket dates back to the early years of the Carolinas. According the CarolinaTartan.com:
Both North and South Carolina have benefited from large numbers of Scottish immigrants. The Cape Fear River Valley, in particular, was home to a large settlement of Gaelic speaking Highland Scots, among them the famous Flora MacDonald.

. . .

The Carolinas were created by a grant from King Charles II in 1663, but were actually named for his father, Charles I (1600-1649). "Carol" is the Latin form of the name Charles; hence "Carolina" as the name of the colony. Charles II was the last King of Scotland to be crowned at Scone. At that ceremony, held on January 1, 1651, he is said to have worn a jacket with ribbons in the "auld Royale tartan." It is not known what that tartan may have been, but it is theorized that it was a form of what would later be called the Royal Stewart tartan.
You learn something everyday. I had no idea the Carolinas were rich with Scottish ancestry. To honor the Scottish heritage of the region, The Heritage tournament organizers have presented its winner with a Tartan jacket since Arnold Palmer won the inaugural tournament back in 1969.

The Carolinas didn't officially recognize the tartan until 1991 when the North Carolina Legislature adopted the Carolina tartan as the "offical" tartan of the state. South Carolina followed suit a decade later in 2002.

Having successfully answered my question, I now want an official tartan jacket. Too bad I'm not Scottish!

Carolina Tartan

photo source

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Backquak says:
Now there is some good use of plaid, what is this article about, I need a one sentence summary, I can't seem to read more than that before finding my way over to the picture.
mustang6560 says:
I thought that might happen...
Kickntrue says:
Yah- that really is one of the best oob pics ever. I didn't read 3 words of the article... and I'm not going to. Still- best post of the day, easy.
GolfinHawg says:
There was an aricle??
GolfinHawg says:
Article I meant see that picture makes it tough to even type!!
Matt F says:
Spammers suck.
mustang6560 says:
Whacked em.
Clint24 says:
Ha, best post of the day? How bout one of the top 5, if not the best, post of all time on oob!
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