First "Useable" Picture Google Provided
How to Hit a Hybrid
By Kickntrue on 3/12/07
I found the greatest article EVER on how to hit a hybrid. Turns out- you hit it much like every other club. First you swing- then you hit the ball- last, you pray it goes straight. The good thing about this find- is the website its on: The best part of the site- 3rd most popular product- Colon Cleanse. Good thing- in case you need the &^%$ hit out of YOU instead of the ball.

Now- I know you're going to ask, "What's this next part have to do with golf?" The answer is NOTHING at all- just trying to promote their free vitamins site. Eww...
All right. It's a dirty subject. But what if no one talks about it? More people have problems with their colon than most people realize.

Did you know that the average person stores between 5 to 25 POUNDS of waste accumulated over the years in their colon?

Waste build up causes bacteria and toxins to spread throughout the body resulting in sickness and even death.

Besides the poisonous effect this has on your body, waste build up hinders nutrient absorption your body so badly needs.

Did you know that some health experts say that 90% of all sickness and diseases are related to an unclean colon?

Going to Vomit Now

*PS- I DARE YOU to Google Image Search "Colon Cleanse"
*PPS- Why should we be subjected to this when trying to find golf stories? Sites like this should be banned.

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