John Smoltz Ready for South Georgia Classic
By mustang6560 on 4/27/11
The tee times are out and John Smotlz is set to go Thursday at 9:05 AM in the South Georgia Classic. Smotlz received a sponsor's exemption last month to play the Nationwide Tour event in his home state of Georgia.

Smoltz isn't trying to do anything but play some good golf and I think he will do just that.
"I'm not kidding anybody. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here. I just enjoy golf to the point that I want to test my mettle against the best to see what my best can be," Smoltz, 43, said in a phone interview. "I have a mind-set where I am not afraid of what it looks like at the end, or the failure part of it, or what people think. What I believe is what matters the most.

"In golf, no one is bailing you out. You're basically at the mercy of Mother Nature, your tension, your character. It's just between you and that little ball and the club in your hand."
Having John Smotlz play in the South Georgia Classic is good for the Nationwide Tour. I understand the value and purpose of the Nationwide Tour - it's the PGA Tour's developmental tour - but to be honest, I think I would rather watch an LPGA event. At least with the LPGA, I know it's the best of the best battling it out.

But by having a big name like Smoltz - who has a realistic chance of making the cut - playing in the South Georgia Classic, it will help draw attention and interest to the Nationwide Tour. I know I'll be following him hoping he makes the cut, and then wins it all!

Good luck Smoltz-y!

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mustang6560 says:
GolfinHawg pointed out that Smotlz's playing partner is none other than Andrew Giuliani - Big Break contestant and the son of former NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
dartboss04 says:
no doubt that it is good for the nationwide tour...i haven't watched a single minute this year, but would watch most of the coverage if they followed smoltz as a featured player...saw him in a match against glavine on trump's golf show...
bobhooe says:
I heard Smoltz and Glavin played Tiger during spring training in Fl. Their best ball against Tiger for $1000. Tiger won and they handed him an envelope. They played again the next year and ended up beating Tiger. Tiger just handed the envelope back to them unopened. Thats pimp juice.
Banker85 says:
Nationwide isnt bad if you are itching to wathc some golf... I think it is better then watching the European Tour. I really hope he makes the cut.
mjaber says:
You couldn't find a pic of Smoltz in a Braves jersey?
tcjonny says:
ok, so, i saw this and almost commented earlier, I just went recently to play in a monday qual for a nationwide event. I recently got my handicap down to a 1.8 offically and have been swinging well, so i was like... what the hell. lets do this... WRONG. I should have posted this earlier, but I saw that Smoltz was a 2, and after playing a couple weeks ago and getting my ass handed to me by the field and course equally, I was like... theres no way smoltz breaks 85 the first day. You just can't prep yourself mentally for that stage of golf, no matter how well you are swinging it at the time.
...however, i was wrong, he did break 85, he shot 84.
tcjonny says:
...that being said, i played with jeff grove and bob may, both awesome dudes. I'm gonna keep grinding and see how good I can get and try again as soon as i can....
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