Shoal Creek Golf Course Escapes Tornado
By mustang6560 on 4/28/11
After yesterday's deadly tornadoes, much of the Southeast was left in ruins, especially in Alabama.

The storm system that blew through was intense, to say the least. Check out this video post on DeadSpin of a tornado that nearly takes out the University of Alabama's football stadium.

How's this related to golf? Well, Shoal Creek Golf Club outside Birmingham, Alabama is hosting the first major of the Champions Tour next week and it barely escaped the weather.
“We got some rain, thunder, lightning and tornado warnings in the area,” club manager Jon Davis said, “but the course is in good shape. The tents that are out there, none of them blew down. We were lucky.”

Davis said that about 20 trees were felled during the storms, though “the ones that fell were not critical.”

The Regions Tradition, on May 5-8, is the season’s first major championship on the 50-and-older tour.
I think in times of devastation and loss, it's important for events like The Regions Tradition to still happen because it's a symbol of hope so I am very glad that it was spared yesterday.

I remember after Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans was trying to decide if it would hold Mardi Gras the following year. Some people couldn't believe the city even considered it because so much was lost. But, by having Mardi Gras, the city showed to the world that "Hey, we're gonna make it".

While the tornado in Alabama isn't on the same level of Katrina, the principle still applies. People need hope in times like this so having the golf tournament will be a symbol for the area and region that Alabama will bounce back stronger than before!

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Scott Shields says:
Prayers go out to everyone out there.
Banker85 says:
second that ys... crazy glad to live in the great lakes region. all we get is the 4 seasons and shitty drivers.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Ditto from the Twin Cities, and Banker85 is right. Here in Minnesota, we get different hazards all year long: Blizzards in the winter, flooding in spring, tornadoes in the summer, and the New York Yankees every fall.

I hope the organizers of The Tradition and/or the officers at Shoal Creek find a way to do some additional storm-related fund-raising; golfers and golf fans tend to be smart enough and caring enough to lend a moral/logistical/financial hand in crises like these.
Clint24 says:
I live in Huntsville, Al, and thankfully we were relatively spared. Our home was spared, with only part of our fence down and a limb off of our willow down. Our golf center was spared as well, with a few trees down and just all of our stuff blown out of there usual spots. Its unfortunate that any of this had to happen. But we will make it out of this.
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