Homeless Man Beaten With Golf Clubs
By mustang6560 on 4/28/11
We've all been there once or twice before. You miss that give-me putt on hole 7. You duff your tee shot into the wrong fairway. And the subsequent angry makes you want to take your golf club and hit someone/something with it.

Advice? Don't.
Indianapolis metropolitan police said three men wielding golf clubs beat a homeless man under a bridge on the Near Southeastside last night.

German Rodriguez, 41, was truck twice in the back of the head and was bleeding heavily when IMPD officers arrived at 1200 S. Keystone Avenue at 7:40 p.m. Wednesday.
Golf is a barbaric sport played by gentleman. Oh wait, never mind, that's rugby.

But, seriously. A golf club would make a good weapon, especially if someone broke into your house and you didn't own a gun. But, it's a shame when you actually hear about someone using a golf club to hit another person in a crime. I just hope for the sake of the victim the perpetrator wasn't using a game-improving iron. Have you seen a modern looking cavity back? It's like hitting a golf ball with a shovel. Talk about taking a lickin'.

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Kickntrue says:
-1 for Nathan for one of the most insensitive articles oob has ever seen. Wow... I'm embarrassed to be his mentor.
birdieXris says:
I've been hit on the top of the head on a backswing by my cousin. It hurt so bad i thought i was going to black out, and it was just a tap at the top. one of those clench your teeth and hold the spot that was hit as hard as you can until the pain goes away a minute later. I couldn't imagine surviving an actual "swing" for the purpose of hitting. I think it would be enough to just make you want to die so it stops hurting.
Banker85 says:
i actually do have my Eidolon 60* wedge as my anti-theft-deterrent. It is sitting right next to my bedroom door. BRING IT! unless you got a gun...
mjaber says:
I think we've had the "what golf club is best for home-defense" discussion before. I still maintain that a blade-style putter is best, as it allows the most options for maximum damage.
legitimatebeef says:
@banker85: Hand to God, I have my old retired 56 degree vokey by my bedroom door.

@mjaber: when in a situation where you need to carve out a divot from an intruder's head I really think you need some loft.
falcon50driver says:
Don't be an idiot, have a gun handy, and if someone breaks in your house, don't stop shooting them til it goes click click click.
GreggScott says:
Never use your golf clubs as a weapon. They will end up being held as evidence by the police. Use a friends clubs instead!
birdieXris says:
+1 GreggScott. +10 if they're the clubs of someone you play for money against.
Pappybro says:
I have a 5-iron in the trunk, simply because I found it on the road and picked it up with the idea of repairing it. Somehow it's still in my trunk a year later.

A few people that take early morning walks out here in the Mojave carry a golf club, tho most settle for a stick. The occasional belly-putter is a bit much tho.
mjaber says:
@legitimatebeef... true, but a blade-style putter has a better chance of maximum penetration into said intruder's skull. It will also be more effecitive if it is necessary to use a forward-thrusting motion (like a spear) to remove teeth or force the nasal bones into the brain.
Clint24 says:
We don't own a gun at home or work. Why when we have so many golf clubs?!
Kurt the Knife says:
Intruder in tight spaces? I prefer swinging my Sig 226.
With a slice as bad as mine its essential.
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