Tiger Woods, Please Don't Spam Twitter
By mustang6560 on 4/29/11
Dear Tiger,

Please do all of your Twitter followers (including me) a favor and don't spam us!

Earlier today, you signed into your account (TigerWoods) and you sent out 40 tweets in a row. I almost had to "unfollow" you because my Timeline was being assaulted by your tweets!

We know you are only on Twitter because it was part of the marketing campaign to improve your image post sex scandal. But, since you are on Twitter, I wanted to point out your faux pas. You're commitment to Twitter is, eh, not very good. Not counting today's barrage of tweets, you typically send less than five per week.

Instead of spamming your followers once a month, I'd like to see a little more commitment out of you. How about getting on Twitter everyday before you sit down for a meal? If you are like the majority of Americans, you eat three meals a day so you'd only be tweeting thrice per day. That's not alot, plus, you would be fulfilling your duty on Twitter (letting your fans see some of your private life) and you could avoid spamming your friends - aka followers.

If you'd like any more advice about Twitter, don't hesitate to ask.

The brother of your biggest fan,

Tiger Woods on Twitter

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nickmomrik says:
And learn how to use the Reply feature instead of RT'ing everything.
homermania says:
Mustang, I would have thought that 40 straight Tiger tweets would be your wet dream.
Alan H says:
Seems like your one of those people who are never happy, "you tweet to much,you don't tweet enough. I like that every once in a while when he has time he'll sit down for a while and aswer a lot of questions usually in his travels.
P.S. that 73 you just shot? I'm guessing that was a scramble and you posted as standard, amazingly cutting your handicap in half!
mustang6560 says:
@Alan H- I was testing something, you're right though I need to delete it!
legitimatebeef says:
Oooh busted.
mmontisano says:
he's much better than Kevin Smith. dude would assault my timeline like 4 or 5 times a day, that i was missing more important Tweets. so i booted him.

Hank Haney is getting into that territory now also.
stuart189 says:
He did say yesterday i will be answering questions tommorrow so send them in, maybe he sat down and answered some questions from fans?
mjaber says:
@mustang... You've had a rough Friday, huh?
Panerai111 says:
I think he was doing a Q&A. Which is pretty cool of him.
3over says:
@mustang that's the whole point of micro-blogging on twitter. people follow others on twitter to get updates on someone regardless of how inane or minor. in fact, the more the better. perhaps you should unfollow tiger if you don't want to get bombarded by tiger's tweets. let's face it, he's going to have more time since he's not competing.
So true ... thanks for your post :)
KVSmith59 says:
If he was in fact pressured into joining twitter, maybe he's now realized it's a chore that he doesn't really want to do....i.e. time to get out my quota so it's easier to do all at once...I much prefer FB over Twitter...

and badcaddy, I'll quit sending all those tweets to you lol
ToddRobb says:
@3over YES exactly. It's comical that people choose to follow someone on twitter and then complain about how they tweet. I have one word,,, UN-FOLLOW! IF Tiger is actually doing the tweets, more power to him, that's the point. @mustang6560 you get a triple bogey for complaining.
ToddRobb says:
and for the record, what Tiger is doing is worlds apart from "spam". Spam is unsolicited emails from people that you don't know asking you to buy something or send money for some bullshit that doesn't exist.
Robtihanyi says:
Errr.... if you dont like UnFollow. Simple.
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