Obama Cuts Round Short to Get bin Laden
By mustang6560 on 5/3/11
In hindsight, the world should have known President Obama was up to something Sunday.

Mr. Obama's usual Sunday schedule is 18-holes of golf, then he retires to the residence quarters of the White House. But on Sunday, he cut his round shot and then hurried off the West Wing for an "important" meeting of the minds. He was even wearing his golf shoes!
He was headed for a top-secret meeting to review final preparations for a military operation he'd approved two days earlier, the one involving a raid by Navy SEALs that would end with the death of Osama bin Laden, one of the world's most hunted men.

But only a few insiders knew the real deal.
Can you imagine trying to play a round of golf knowing that you approved a top secret operation to capture (and eventually kill) the most wanted man in the world? Obama's motivation to capture bin Laden was not for re-election purposes. He, along with George W. Bush and the rest of the world, simply wanted to bring the man responsible for thousands of innocent deaths around the world to justice. But, as a byproduct, Obama knew capturing bin Laden would definitely be a much needed boost for his re-election campaign.

Can you imagine trying to hit a wedge shot through all of this? Talk about mental toughness! But, I guess the day's agenda, followed by a weekend of travel (including Alabama, Cape Canaveral, Miami and the White House Correspondents' Association dinner) got the best of him and we decided to pack it up early and go kick some butt.

I wonder what Obama shot thru 9-holes? I'm guessing he didn't keep score and he didn't putt out anything inside five feet.

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Banker85 says:
I would have finished my round... you show it as an analogy to the terrorists. America doesnt quit on anything, not on a round of golf, or finding and destroying terrorism!
homermania says:
He could have just done it at the turn and still played the back.
Kurt the Knife says:
If i recall correctly, the president didn't "get" Osama Bin Laden. It was a bunch of friggin'scary-ass MF'ers with guns n stuff.
Kickntrue says:
@KtK- we'll see how that logic holds up when re-election comes around. I have a sneaking suspicion that "Obama" will have gotten him. I'm pretty sure this most recent weekend just secured his Presidency until 2018.
homermania says:
@Kick - I know it's awesome that we got him, but I don't think it will earn Obama a six year second term.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Did the POTUS really have a choice?
Kurt the Knife says:
Definitely a psychological boost for america but the political landscape (ooo i said that word)is pretty rocky. We'll see how long the boost lasts.
Gotta admit ending a decade long manhunt will prolly last some time.
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