PGA Tour Adds New Putting Statistic
By mustang6560 on 5/4/11
The PGA Tour announced Monday it will no longer use Putts per Round as the primary statistic to track putting. From now on, they will use a new stat called Strokes Gained-Putting, which is supposed to more accurately compare how a player is putting relative to the field.
Strokes Gained-Putting, however, takes into account putting proficiency from various distances and computes the difference between a player's performance on every green -- the number of strokes needed to hole out -- against the performance of the other players for each round. This ultimately shows how many strokes are gained or lost due to putting for a particular round, for a tournament and over the course of a year.
The new stat will definitely add a new element to putting stats. Basically, the way it will work is as follows:
The statistic is computed by calculating the average number of putts a PGA TOUR player is expected to take from every distance, based on ShotLink data from the previous season. The actual number of putts taken by a player is subtracted from this average value to determine strokes gained or lost.

For example, the average number of putts used to hole out from 7 feet, 10 inches is 1.5. If a player one-putts from this distance, he gains 0.5 strokes. If he two-putts, he loses 0.5 strokes. If he three-putts, he loses 1.5 strokes.
I don't have all my scores in oobgolf yet, but my stats show that I average 1.68 putts per round. From the outside, someone would try to deduce that I'm a good putter, when in reality, I'm only OK. What Putts per Round can't calculate is how many one-putts I have as a result of missing the green and chipping close.

If you compare Putts per Round and Strokes Gained-Putting, you'll notice the leaderboard is different. This shows that just because you are averaging 27.25 putts per doesn't mean you are winning tournaments (see Kevin Na). To be fair to Kevin, though, he's still No. 9 on Strokes Gained-Putting. Take a look for yourself at the new stat.

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lcgolfer64 says:
I've gone over the numbers, calculations and pumped them through the super-computer's at MIT and have come up with the following earth shattering conculsion:
[dramatic pause]
"You're winning tournament's when you name is at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the tournament."

That is all. I need to rest now...
Duke of Hazards says:
that's a cool putter
Clint24 says:
Will we be getting this same stat here on oob?
aglazier says:
Um no, we will not be getting the stat here on oob. Can you imagine if all Oobers were out there measuring their putts at 7'10"? I can't imagine having to follow that group at a nice 6 hour pace.
mantajim says:
Where can you find the table that shows the "average number of putts used to hole out from 7 feet, 10 inches is 1.5."
maw6363 says:
You already have '1st Putt Dist' in the addict category so people are using it. That combined with 'Putts' and the current PGA 'Strokes Gained' look up table and the data is available. Distances were eyeballed if pace ahead was open or walked off when pace ahead was slow so it added nothing to overall pace (plus it's in feet and not feet and inches). I tracked it yesterday after the game and found my 31 putts actually lost 1.2 strokes to the pro field. One of the few stats a 13 handicap can pace with the pro's.
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