Rory McIlroy & Ian Poulter Trash Talk on Twitter
By mustang6560 on 5/6/11
Rory McIlroy posted a three-over 75 in his first round on American soil since The Masters when, well, no need to beat a dead horse. We all know what happened on the last nine holes on Sunday.

After the disappointing round, Rory and Ian Poulter proceeded to entertain us on Twitter with some playful banter, a la trash talking. It started with Rory recapping his round with this Tweet:
“Not the start I was looking for! Struggled with my balls striking today which is unusual for me. Hit it better on the range afterwards.”
Ian took the opportunity to take a little jab at the fact Rory was not playing next week at The Players:
@mcilroyrory well you better pull your finger out or you can come help me iron my outfits for TPC over this weekend. Keep you busy.
Rory responded to Ian's trash talking with a little of his own:
@IanJamesPoulter not really, there will only be 2 outfits to iron ;)
In your face, Ian! You got that, he's saying you're going to miss the cut! Not to be outdone, Ian delivered the knockout punch with this Tweet and the picture posted.
Read very closely @McIlroyRory this will definitely help.
The best part about Ian and Rory's exchange is some people responded to Ian saying he was being a jerk for posting that picture. Ian defended himself saying:
Guys you need to lighten up it's called banter between mates. It's fully acceptable and expected it's how we all have so much fun.
I agree with Ian, people need to relax. Even Rory thought the picture was funny:
@IanJamesPoulter when did you get that sign?? You have to make the weekend to use one of those!! Must be last year's issue
Ah, Twitter is great! If you guys still don't have a Twitter account, you're really missing out. Until I'm convinced every oobgolfer has a Twitter account, I will continue to fill you in on the goings in the world of Twitter.

Rory McIlroy on Twitter

Ian Poulter on Twitter

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birdieXris says:
lol it's good that Rory can joke about it. I hope it doesn't become a habit with him though... the choking that is. it was painful to watch and as good as it is to just get over it and move on, hopefully it lot a fire under him to work on his closing an keep a better mental mindset.
munk24 says:
Yeah, its awfully hard to play golf with two hands around your neck.
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