Bubba Vs. Tiger
By Kickntrue on 5/11/11
It's tempting to take a crazy jungle cat- but these days, I'm taking Bubba (or not).

So the story is pretty simple. Bubba Watson is asked a question about his friend, Tiger Woods. He answers honestly, saying that he thinks Tiger is over-thinking things with his swing and should maybe go san coach.

Tiger's response, "We'll talk."
Q. I know you and Bubba are friends. I was curious about your reaction to what he said last week about you going in the wrong direction.
TIGER WOODS: That was interesting.

Q. He said this morning that you guys haven't had a chance to talk.

Q. Do you have an issue with it?
TIGER WOODS: We'll talk.

Q. Have you ever told him he needed a teacher?
TIGER WOODS: To each his own.
The funny thing is that the story here is a media infused "feud" and not if Bubba is right or wrong. I think a lot (dare I say most?) people would agree with Bubba's assessment of Woods' game.

I'd love to see a little spat/rivalry form, but I don't see it happening here. I mean, it's not a fair fight. Bubba drives it longer, hits it straighter, putts better and has much better hair. On top of all that- oob boy Nathan loves him.

Advantage: Oh yah, Tiger's 14 majors.

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Kurt the Knife says:
a non-issue if i ever saw one. Unless, of course, folks wanna make something of it.
id3st says:
put 'em in a cage match with a choice of club. :)
bobhooe says:
does anyone think Bubba will win half as many majors as Tiger? Im not a Tiger fan but why even comment on his approach to getting back on top, I'm sure he knows what he's doing, some times you have to take a few steps back first.
Backquak says:
Go Bubba, tell em how it is!
Yeah, Tiger, let em have it!
The media is trying so hard to stir something up, but the players just aren't cooperating. We need a good rivalry, but I doubt this is going to pan out.
Backquak says:
The problem is, all these guys are to nice to each other, we need some non-friendly rivalries.
"I look into their eyes, shake their hand, pat their back, and wish them luck, but I'm thinking, 'I am going to bury you'" -Seve Ballesteros
Kurt the Knife says:
I don't get the notion of golfers "defeating" other golfers. Aren't they out there just trying to make the fewest strokes at the ball than the other guys. Its like burying your last high score than burying another player.
At least thats how I see it.
Weird, Seve said "bury" hmmmm
mjaber says:
I think this is just media jumping on anything said about Tiger. I'm not positive, but I think Bubba was asked a direct question regarding Tiger's game and he gave his honest opinion. What's wrong with that?
Banker85 says:
Tiger is lame. Why not just be honest and open instead of his short boring comments. Bubba is entilted to his opinion, too bad Tiger doesn't have one. Lame.
dartboss04 says:
i like bubba a lot and don't really mind his comments here, but i think people should just keep their mouths shut about everyone else's game...everyone has an opinion, but why bother expressing it if it will just be blown up like this...

they should just say something positive regardless and move on...

@banker...i do agree that tiger needs to open up a bit...do we really need to protect an image anymore...cat's out of the bag...have some fun now...win some tournaments and we'll move on...
legitimatebeef says:
It's a matter of respect. Mr. Woods won over 70 PGA tour events and 14 of these so-called major ones. Phil Mickelson spoke out couple of years ago in response to some criticism he had received from Johnny Miller. Phil pointed out that his own record of wins is pretty decent, better than Mr. Miller's in fact, and therefore, maybe, just maybe, Phil's game ought to be admired and emulated, rather than nitpicked and criticized. I think it was a fine point to make. Talking about good golf is so easy to do. It's easy to say with your mouth what's the right way to play. The instant you get out on that course though it's very very very different world. Ok, so Woods is slumping at the moment. But if you look at the big picture, and you come to terms with the fact that even the greatest golfers lose more than they win, then you might start to understand that guys like Tiger and Phil, while not perfect, and prone to playing so-so golf at times, they are still the best of their generation at winning golf tournaments.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Bubba spoke his mind. Big deal. I think he's right and I think Tiger's problem is in his head. I gotta be honest, it would be in mine. Tiger has never been a big fan of the press. It's a whole lot of nothing in my opinion.
Banker85 says:
I think Bubba is just speaking for what works for Bubba and maybe Tiger should try it. I think some people (most) would give the answer to each his own and say nice things about Tiger but nothing wrong with speaking your mind. If anything it is the media that starts this crap. All they do is ask other players about Tiger. I would find it hard to give phony answers about Tiger. Its not like Bubba disrespected him, he just has a different view.
EloraBlue says:
If I had some big super important secret and then I was kidnapped and tortured to get me to spill my guts all they would have to do was play a never-ending tape of Tiger Woods doing interviews or just speaking...I'd spill the beans in minutes. Honestly I don't care how great a golfer he is/was he is a complete waste of my time. Also, congratulations media, Bubba will probably never answer a question honestly again. There goes the only interesting american golfer
mattshaver says:
If anyone in the media bothered to read the context of Bubba's comments, they would see that he was making a reference to all PGA Tour players, and had just used Tiger as an example.
Bama61 says:
Everyone has an opinion and can give it when asked. That's all Bubba did. Everyone needs to stop worrying about what Tiger thinks about something said. He's in the media all the time and there will always be comments of some sort or the other. Tiger has he's own opinions and has given them before. As the old saying goes if you can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen. If Tiger is going to let anything that's ever said bother him maybe he needs to just stay out of the limelight for awhile.
mmontisano says:
this Tiger/Bubba thing was blown way out of proportion. now, i think this thing between Sean O'Hair and Rory Sabatini needs to be expanded upon though. it was reported it almost came to fisticuffs.
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