Tiger Woods Will Play at the Players
By mustang6560 on 5/6/11
The anticipation is over, Tiger Woods will play next week at TPC Sawgrass in The Players. Tiger was scheduled to play this week at The Wells Fargo Championship but pulled out due to his injuries. Tiger posted on Twitter:
Looking forward to the competition next week, just committed to the Players.
In an interview with Chick Hernandez, Tiger said the injury to his left knee and Achilles tendon felt pretty good and that he would be back in time for the US Open at Congressional. During the interview, though, he hinted that he may might be back even sooner by saying "I'll be back pretty soon actually." Oh, Tiger, how sneaky you are!

I think the fact Tiger decided to come back in time for The Players adds to the notion that it is the "fifth major". I'm not saying it solidifies the argument, but it counters Lee Westwood's claim that The Players is not as important as it used to be. If Tiger Woods is playing in a golf tournament, the tournament is important. If you're not there then you're square.

Tiger Woods on Twitter

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Banker85 says:
yeah well said. If Tiger is playing it is important. And Westwood can shut his pie hole and and play in some bangladesh golf tourney with weak ass fields cause he is scared of the competition. If you want to be #1 in the world how can you not play on the PGA tour. That is like a guy who is the best quarterback in the NFL but wants to play Arena Footbal. Him and Rory the choke artist need to realize to be the best you have to play the best. And the Euro tour is far from the PGA. Church!
Banker85 says:
"like a guy who is the best quarterback in the NFL but wants to play Arena Football."

Not saying Westwood is the best but he is good. But he wont be the best... get it.
gpickin says:
Like my Dad always says, when you're Irish, you speak till you're understood :)

I agree, watching the Euro today, its is just dull, the PGA just has so much more going on. I guess while there are companies and sponsors, they'll never have just one tour.

Maybe they should have a TOUR V TOUR championship. Like top of the euro rankings vs top of the pga rankings... matchplay style.

Devils advocate: I guess you could say Ryder cup is close to that.
askarzy says:
I agree with Banker.
stedar says:
Love him or hate him, Tiger has proven to be one of the greatest players who picked up a club. For that, he deserves all of the attention. Anything else is not GOLF... Personally, I want to see him take on the course he plays and cement his position as the best player in the world of Golf...
Clint24 says:
TPC Sawgrass should honestly be the 5th Major. All the other top holes in the world, #7 & #18 at Pebble, #16-18 at St. Andrews, and #, well, all the holes at Augusta, are part of majors. How can we survive without ever seeing the best golfers in the world play #17 not being a major! The intesity would be insane!
legitimatebeef says:
Great now we get to relive the "better than most" putt again.
Matt F says:
@beef-and again and again and again.....
Duke of Hazards says:
I love TPC Sawgrass. One of my favorite courses. Can't wait for it. Since they've moved it to May, the course seems to play a lot harder. I remember last year, on Sunday, the greens were dried out and hard as rock. Balls bouncing right off the greens. Hopefully they soak them overnight or something, get some birdie action going.
falcon50driver says:
Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy, Tigers coming back! oh boy oh boy oh boy goody goody gumdrops
mjaber says:
Didn't he walk off the course last year without finishing?
Banker85 says:
@mjaber: he pulled out saying he had a neck injury i think.
mjaber says:
@Banker... must have been all that looking over his shoulder as guys gained on his #1 ranking.
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