John Stewart Makes Fun of Donald Trump's Golf Analogy
By mustang6560 on 5/6/11
John Stewart of the Comedy Central show "The Daily Show" picked up on Donald Trump's analogy of golfers using belly putters and gay people. And in typical Daily Show fashion, John does a great job of making the people he's talking about - in this case Mr. Trump - look like an idiot.

While we all agreed The Donald's analogy was questionable, the man knows how to stay in the news. Donald is of the belief that no press is bad press so all he cares about is making sure the press never stops. Even if this whole "bid for the presidency" thing is a big farce, it has accomplished one thing: people are talking about Donald Trump.

The Daily Show

The Daily Show

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falcon50driver says:
This may be OOBGOLF's difining moment.
TeT says:
kinda seems that way lately...
scottjmorrison says:
What do you mean?
falcon50driver says:
The defining moment explained:
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