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Wells Fargo Happenings
By Kickntrue on 5/9/11
The Wells Fargo Championship played at Quail Hallow this weekend had a solid field, a good finish (playoff), and a few memorable stories.

Let's start with the winner, Lucas Glover. He won. He plays Nike clubs, just like I used to.

Next- Paddy.
Padraig Harrington had a brush with disqualification on Sunday at the Wells Fargo Championship when a spectator claimed to have observed the Irishman playing from in front of the markers on the tee of the par-3 thirteenth.

In spite of the fact that both Harrington and playing partner Phil Mickelson noticed no such infraction at the time and could both cite separate reasons for being especially vigilant, the challenge prompted a lengthy footage review and a surreal inspection of the tee box in question for incriminating divots. Eventually, after the investigation failed to offer conclusive evidence of a rules violation, Harrington emerged with his final round 68 intact.
Jeez! ... Nice to see a player come out on the positive side of one of these, for once. Paddy should have climbed in his courtesy car and followed the spectator home calling 9-1-1 every time the guy exceeded the speed limit by a MPH or two. At least in that scenario Paddy would be calling in a real violation.

Finally, Rickie.
For the second time in a month, Rickie Fowler was berated for an absolutely unforgivable crime of wearing his hat backwards. Fowler turns his hat around during interviews so people can see his face better, along with the logo to his website embroidered on the back. He’s not trying to be a trouble-making punk. In fact, he’s quite the opposite and known for being one of the most well-mannered players on the PGA Tour.

With his shirt untucked and hat flipped around, Rickie Fowler had just finished working out in the fitness trailer at Quail Hollow on Wednesday. While he was in the parking lot, a member approached him and informed him of the club’s dress code.

"[The member] came up to me and said, 'Our hat policy is the same as Augusta’s. Turn your hat around.'"

Whoa, that seems a little unnecessary to bring up Augusta and humiliate him in front of his peers. Mark Wilson was the only other person besides myself in the vicinity as Fowler recounted the story on Friday, and our jaws dropped simultaneously (figuratively).
Rickie should find that club member ... and kick him in the balls. I just don't get why people think golf is an white exclusive rich elitist sport?! In support of Rickie- I saw we all take pictures of ourselves on the golf course with our hats backwards and tweet them at Rickie... seriously, let's do it.

Glover Wins
Harrington Avoids DQ
Fowler Is Awful For Golf
Fowler's Twitter

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[ comments ]
Banker85 says:
This guy must have been a Dress code snob ass.
Kurt the Knife says:
Jim Furyk has occasionally swung his bill to the other side. Y they NO Hassle him?
mjaber says:
In response to the Harrington issue, apparently Paddy is now going to always play from the very back of the tee boxes... in his words "I'll be falling off the back of the tees".

I'm still shocked that with all of the cameras they have going, between TV and different news agencies, nobody had an image of him at address fromt he side.
bobhooe says:
must have not had the swing vision biz hub thing running that day.
Duke of Hazards says:
Does Fowler have to drink out of a separate water fountain too? "Forward bills only". Maybe he should stitch a confederate flag on the back of his hat until the PGA tour moves on out of dixie.
Duke of Hazards says:
No offense to you Mississippi boys that run this great site, just that the country clubs down south seem to be a little stiffer in the pomp and etiquette dept.
wrhall02 says:
I don't get these type of power trips. IMO, this Club member wanted to flex his "power" to make himself feel important. I wouldn't doubt that the member (aka; tool) bragged about it later to his cronies.

Sorry Duke...I don't see it as a North/South thing at all. Some folks can only feel good about themselves by putting others down. Power trips suck!
bkuehn1952 says:
I have to agree with @wrhall02 that clubs enforce dress codes equally sporadically in the North and South. Long ago my parents belonged to a club in Massachusetts. Ladies were expected to have skirts or shorts only "X" number of inches above the knee. There were a few matrons with rulers in their golf bags running around the place. Most members could have cared less. There will always be a few that self-appoint themselves as protectors of the code, whether the club is in the North or South.
tennesseeboy says:
If I was Rickie. "Excuse me sir. I've played Augusta. Augusta is one of my favorite courses. You're club is no Augusta."
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