TPC Number 17
By Kickntrue on 5/11/11
Number 17 at TPC Sawgrass may be the only in golf where you can simply state the number and everyone knows exactly what and where you mean. The guys from along with ShotLink spent a lazy Saturday in February watching groups come through the hole and measured their results. The hole was playing as easy as it possibly could- 75 degrees, no breeze, sunny, pin in the middle, and tees up at 112 yards. What ensued is nothing short of amazing. Of the 136 amateurs that played the hole 66 ended up with balls in the water. Of those 66, 41 of their re-teed balls found the water a 2nd time.

The cool chart also breaks down club selection, handicap breakdowns and a couple fun facts, including that someone stuck their tee shot to 3 feet... and missed the birdie. OUCH! TPC 17 Infographic

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Jattruia says:
This is fantastic.
Kurt the Knife says:
good to know I wouldn't be alone in the soup.
Banker85 says:
how wide is the target, how deep? seems like an easy shot. 112 yards, no breeze... might be a lil challenging given the yardage, which would be in between my PW and 52*. I would have to use the PW and just try to take a littttttle off.
gpickin says:
I think I'm going to plan a trip there sometime soon and see how I do.
Its on my wish list.
Stymie says:
It's not a hard shot. I've played it 5 times. Only one ball in the water (made bogie from the drop zone), 3 put bogie, 2 pars, 1 birdie. Never hit more than an 8 iron. The green is huge. A caddie told me on one trip "on most days the people playing the hole are on a corporate outing and only play 2 or 3 time a year" not really skilled golfers
Duke of Hazards says:
LOL- a 33 hcp got a birdie. That's awesome.
Duke of Hazards says:
What's even funnier is the rollover on the graphic. A few guys that stuck their tee shot a couple of yards from the pin and then proceeded to 3 putt for bogey or worse. Oh wait, that's what I would do. Dumb game.
Clint24 says:
I played it a few years ago. It was too cool! It was playing about 135 or so for us, mid pin, but as soon as I stepped up to hit it, a fairly strong breeze suddenly started to blow. My ball started on the far left side of the green, landed a little to the right of the flag, and rolled to the far ride side of the green. Still on, but barely. Ya'll should try having to read a putt from backwords.
GolferAnt says:
at least no one hit it in the sand trap
billbadaz says:
I played this hole at the INTERNATIONAL CLUB in Myrtle Beach, where they have replica's of holes from all over the world. Made par. this is a wedge shot, not too hard
Agustin says:
How do people expect to stop a 112 yd 7 iron from rolling off the back of the green on this hole? Why bother hitting the tee shot; might as well go ahead and hit your 3 from the drop area.
shaffer1969 says:
I played it in a scramble December of 2000. Our group decided to hit two tee shots regardless of the outcome of our first shot.

I splashed twice. Yanked the first one left and hit the second one short.

We parred the hole, so we had that going for us. Which is nice.
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