Ever Played an Island Hole?
By mustang6560 on 5/12/11
From the moment I heard about the island hole at TPC Sawgrass, I've wanted to play it. The idea of a green, surrounded by water, sounded thrilling to me. And the fact it is the second to last hole means it could make or break your round.

I got my first taste of an island hole Monday at the Raven Golf Club at Sandestin (view scorecard). I was super excited about the chance to test my nerves. My vacation to Sandestin, Florida over the weekend was supposed to be a beach vacation, but it kind of turned into a "golfing vacation" by accident with my hole in one.

From the silver tees, the hole was playing 167 to the center of the green. If you ever get the chance to play a water hole, aim for the center - it's not worth trying to play your shot to the front or back of the green. Luckily, the pin was playing slightly back center. I had to carry at least 147, but no more than 178. I took out my 6-iron and thought for sure it was going to be the right club. WRONG!

My shot landed on the back of the green and rolled off. I was thinking for sure it was in the water. Luckily, my ball was not in the water, but unfortunately, it was caught in a shrub right before the water. I had to take relief so I was lying three from nearly the water. I topped my chip and ran 15 feet passed the hole and two putted for a five. So my first attempt at an island hole ended in a double bogey. I can't wait to take on the 17th at TPC Sawgrass sometime soon...

Anyone else played an island hole? If so, what course and what was your score?

photo by Craig O'Neal (minds-eye)

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bkuehn1952 says:
"The Legacy" in Ottawa Lake, MI, has an island hole (#8). We played it at 145 yards. Because it is #8 rather than #17, there is a bit less tension - no career round to spoil yet. I hit the green in regulation. My stepson hit an absolutely beautiful shot: high, right on the pin the whole way until it air mailed the green and caused a huge splash in the water behind. Naturally I then 3-putted the sucker. "The Legacy" 1, Brian Kuehn 0.
Backquak says:
I played the Tour 18 in Dallas twice, which has the Sawgrass 17th as number 9, I think, anyway, I didn't hit it in the water, and I missed a 5 ft birdie, the first time, and I made a 3 putt bogey from as far away from the hole as I could possibly be the second. I hope I get to go back again now that I am playing better, back then I fought a huge boomarang slice and the only good holes were the par 3s.
brian575 says:
Well I have played an island hole 3 times. 2 times I played the replica of Sawgrass 17th at Tour 18 in Humble just outside of Houston. Both times I hit my ball in the water. The other island green I played is at the Big Island Country Club on the big island of Hawaii. This is a Pete Dye design and is basically a copy of Sawgrass but it stretches to about 180 or so. I had about a 150 yards shot and I was long and rolled off the back. So I am 0-3 in hitting island greens.
falcon50driver says:
Did the grammar police notice you said "My ball ran 15 feet passed the hole" instead of "past" the hole"
mmontisano says:
Tour 18 in Dallas for me too. i don't know why, but i can't seem to hit that green. Tour 18 kills me every time.

there is another one in Frisco Lakes Golf Club, but it's pretty easy because the landing area is enormous.
dartboss04 says:
at the tradition in wallingford in ct, the 12th hole is an island green...i've probably played it 4-5 times...i've hit the green 4 of 5 times, but usually on the opposite side of the flag...it plays around 140 from the whites...the one time i missed, it was playing 155-160 into a 2 or 3 club wind...that was interesting...i hit a nice shot, but it flew over the back into the water...

those tour 18 courses sound like fun...i think there is one in MD too..
jrbizzle says:
The 17th at Eagle Eye (Michigan) is a tribute to the 17th at Sawgrass. The tee and green are two of the lowest areas on a very exposed links style course. First time I played it the tees were about 130 to the center. I hit two solid 9 irons that fell short before I remember the wind I had been playing in all day (which I could not feel down in the bowl). Finally hit an 8 onto the green and laughed as I drove uphill on the cart path towards the bridge and felt the breeze in my face.
snuffyword says:
I played a replica of #17 Sawgrass at Traditions Golf Course in Maryland. It played about 135 yards and the pin was tucked in front, below the ridge. I faded the ball and it ended up about 10-12 feet to the right of the pin. My putt was an up the ridge, sweeping right-to-left breaker. I struck the ball a little harder than I wanted to but it dropped for a birdie. I got lucky that day.
stuart189 says:
I've never played one but you only put that score card up Nathan because you were 2 under after 5 :)
HotBacon says:
#12 at Bella Vista in Gilbertsville, PA. I parred it last week.
Trav says:
There is a course outside Washington DC called "Renditions" that is entirely a replication of famous holes, including Sawgrass #17 (also Amen Corner) (www.renditionsgolf.com). It's a pretty close setup from what I hear. The Sawgrass hole shows that the problem isn't just the island aspect, it's also the green which is so heavily sloped that balls can easily roll or bounce off, and this contributes to the mental state when teeing off. It's fun, though.
Backquak says:
I should have known he was bragging about something, 2 under through 5, even through 6, 2 over through 8, and boom the wheels fell off on 9. Hehe, Now that's how I play golf, my scorecards have lots of "different" numbers on them not the boring, par, bogey, bogey, bogey, par, bogey. gotta keep it exciting, you just don't know what will happen next.
homermania says:
#8 is the island hole at Aldeen GC in Rockford, IL. Played this one all the time in high school. Very challenging shot ranging from 110 - 200 yards.
larrynjr says:
#17 at Appletree GC in Yakima is a giant apple shaped hole surrounded by water from elevated greens. A fun hole and easier to hit than most people think.
birdieXris says:
I think it was #13 at Long Bay Club last year at the WAHC. island green, about 140. Was playing with a pretty stiff side wind. I choked and skull-sliced a 9 iron into the drink on the right. Right club wrong direction. Dropped in the drop area, and two putted for a double. I'm wiser now. LOL. at least that's what i tell myself.
white_rabbitt says:
I got to play the "Gambler" hole at The Kings North in Myrtle Beach a few years ago. It's not a par 3 but a par 5 w/ an island fairway! Pretty sure the green was almost a peninsula too.
BME_Badger says:
#8 @ Silver Spring Country Club (Island Course) in the Milwaukee area. This is on our rotation for league play and usually play it twice a year or so. Not too bad from the whites (120 I think) but really tough from the tips (175 through a chute).

Usually do ok on the hole, but I usually manage to plunk one per year as I often find myself in between clubs.
dottomm says:
We've got one here in Petaluma, CA. Rooster Run #15. 130 yds. I've got birdies and bogies on this hole. There's a drop-zone on this hole that is more difficult than the tee-shot. If you ever hit it in the water here. Just re-tee it. Trust me.

Also played one in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Le Tigre. They have real Tigers here. Long 170 to a stone-hard green. Landed it right next to the hole, than watched it run past the water. I was just glad to hit it well.
dottomm says:
uh ho. "Then" watched it run past "into" the water. Grammer Nazis I repent.
Clint24 says:
#17 at TPC Sawgrass. We played it in July, so there were no stands up, so some, if not most, of the pressure was gone. Walking around the water, and then up the bridge, was such a treat at such a storied course.
mankowa says:
I have played TPC Sawgrass a few times as I am from there. The first time I hit the middle of the green and made a 45 footer for birdie, the next time I think I made a 6 or 7. I played it the Tuesday after the tournament 1 year with a few of my freinds, we teed off late and it was getting dark as we were on 16 so we really rushed to finish the round. The pin was far right near the Sunday pin placement. We all just threw balls on the tee and rapid fired. I hit a wedge dead at it, bounced once, hit the flag and stoped 4 inches from the hole. It was a brutal day with the rough not being mowed on some of the holes from the tournament and the greens were as fast as a linalium floor, but that shot made up for all the agony of the day. Of course I think I had a triple on 18 for a 81 or so. I always finish that hole and think the round is over for some reason, then realize the hardest hole on the course is waiting.
RJSchuchman says:
I have also played Eagle Eye in Lansing, MI, like someone above mentioned. I was told that they paid a million dollar fee to be able to replicate it almost exactly, and I'm glad they did! I've played it 6-7 times, and it is always the hiltie of the round--which is on an otherwise awesome golf course! I've yet to birdie it, but have only hit a few in the water...I did get to witness a hole in one there from my buddy 3 years ago!! Front pin, 9-iron right over the flag, and it sucked back right into the hole!! Of course, we all screamed at the top of our lungs, and sounded like we were at a football game--but who cares!! He received a placque from EagleEye with the details on it, and had his name put on their wall for the hole in one, and also got his name in the local Lansing newspaper! Pretty cool that they did that for him....
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