Golf Digest Did Not Plagiarize oobgolf
By mustang6560 on 5/13/11

We received a tip in the forums (Copyright Infringement!!!) that the new Golf Snob Index article in the June 2011 issue of Golf Digest is similar, almost too similar to Craig "cjgiant" Messinger's post "Are You A Golf Snob?". Brian "bkuehn1952" Kuehn alerted us of the alleged infringement saying:
Blantant plagarism if you ask me. Yes, they try to put a different spin on the idea but it was Craig's idea first.
In order to protect the original content submitted by oobers, Andrew and I decided to open a formal investigation to look into the allegations further.

The first step was to reread cjgiant's post. In the article, he identifies the four major types of golf snobs and provides some insight into their tendencies. Next, we got our hands on a copy of the new Golf Digest to read the Golf Snob Index. The GSI is designed to tell you how much of a golf snob you are by answering 20 questions. The final step was to compare some of the questions listed in the GSI to cjgiant's four categories of snobs.

After careful research and hours of interrogation (/yah, right), we've concluded that Golf Digest DID NOT plagiarize cjgiant's post. Some of the question fit inside of cjgiant's categories like #13 "You play only a certain numbered Titleist" - clearly this is a "Golf Pro Snob". And #3 "You've left a green before your group finished putting out", what a "Pace of Play Snob".

We would like to think Golf Digest is keeping tabs on what we do, in fact we are flattered to think they are, but the content is different enough that it would be hard to prove they stole the idea. We thought cjgiant's post was great, but he's hardly the first person to discuss the snobbery in golf.

But as always, we want to hear your opinion. Do you think Golf Digest got the idea for the Golf Snob Index from cjgiant? Go reread "Are You A Golf Snob" and then read the Golf Snob Index, which is embedded to the right.

photo by Oldmaison

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birdieXris says:
haha. i'm a 17. Hogan cap and cardigan FTW! :)

i don't think it's Plagarism either. I think maybe someone may have come across it and it sparked an idea, but definitely unprovable.
Banker85 says:
I enjoyed cjgiant article much more. He had more insight and not just a list of 20 questions. We should send them his and compare.
ppinkert says:
Hummm an 18 for me.. #2 & #11.. but that's not a surprise. I'm not the most exciting of people. My wife would refer to that as being a, "Fun sucker".
mmontisano says:
i'm only guilty of 7-10. i guess i need up my game then.
cjgiant says:
Can I sue?
srogers13 says:
You can sue, and pay all legal fees and court costs when you lose.
manny.101 says:
I would say I was guilty on 6, 12 and 15.
DoubleDingo says:
Number 4 and 18 for me, for a score of 18. #4) I jumped in front of a foursome that wouldn't let me play through after following them for three holes. I was a single, they were painfully slow, the wind was blowing 25 - 30 mph and it was 35 degrees so I was not in the mood to sit and wait. #18) It bothers me when someone steps on my line of putt. I am courteous to them by not stepping on theirs, I just ask for the same in return. (However, last night on the final hole I had to walk past the cup to get to my ball. My playing partner was lining up his putt, so as I walked past I said, "I'm going to step on your line". And I did, on the opposite side of the hole. He chuckled at my comedic comment.
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