GolfWeek Amateur Tour
By mustang6560 on 5/13/11
If you live in the Chicago, Illinois area, you've probably noticed the ads on the site for the upcoming GolfWeek Amateur Tour events at Broken Arrow Golf Club and Stonewall Orchard Golf Club.

Yes, we're getting paid to run ads for the Chicago events on the site, but we think the Golf Week Am Tour is worthy of a shout out. The Golf Channel sponsors its own Am Tour, but the GolfWeek Am Tour is bigger and less expensive. They have tours in 40 different areas around the United States and the tour card costs around $100. I was surprised to find out they even have competitions here in Mississippi.

If you are looking for some competitive golf, you'll want to check out their website.

Find out more about the GolfWeek Amateur Tour

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snuffyword says:
I play on the GolfWeek Tidewater Amateur Tour. It's a great tour, flighted by handicap, good competition, meet great people who become great friends, and it forces you to improve your game and get to know the rules better. In October, there is a national tournament at Hilton Head. Check out your local tours and see if you have game to play competitive golf. Hit 'em well!
gpickin says:
I'm really sad I'm so far away.
theghost25 says:
Play in the Charlotte area tour and its a blast!!! Pretty much every event has been full. Play some great courses worth competing on
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