Ian Poulter's Sprint to the Finish
By mustang6560 on 5/16/11
Did y'all hear about this one?

On Saturday at The Players Championship, play was suspended for four and a half hours due to weather, which meant play lasted until dark and the majority of the field was not able to complete the third round.

So Ian Poulter, who was close to finishing his round, tried in earnest to finish to avoid an early restart Sunday morning. Earnest might be an understatement.

If Poulter and playing partner Dustin Johnson could finish the last hole before the horn sounded, they could avoid a 5:30 AM start to their Sunday. So while Dustin finished putting out on 17, Ian ran over to the 18th tee to hit. Phil Mickelson and Martin stepped to the side to watch Ian and Dustin proceed to sprint the length of the hole to finish their round.
"If duty calls, you've got to get to 18, right?'' Poulter said. "We have a 7:45 restart in the morning, so that's a 5:30 wake-up call. That's four hours in bed. A little 300-yard sprint is worth four hours in bed.''
The kicker is Johnny Miller apparently thought what Ian did was in bad taste and went as far as to almost say it was a breach of etiquette. But in typical Ian-style, he took to Twitter to defend his decision:
"People need to get a life. Phil said to us on the 16th tee if it's close just come on 18th tee & you can tee off. It's not disrepectful."

"Ha Ha you lot don't understand it's quite the opposite. Its more disrespectful not to let that group tee off so they can finish. Muppets"

"Johnny miller is only giving me grief because he would have 4 putted the 17th green after a casual jog."
I don't see what the big deal is. If the group in front of me was cool letting me play through, I'd do the same thing. Who wants to wake up at the butt crack of dawn, especially when you're not even in contention? Props to Phil and Martin for letting them play through.

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mjaber says:
I thought the best part was that they had the plan in place, "just in case." That's some good, heads up thinking.

I think I read that they basically finished as a foursome- Kaymer, Mickelson, Johnson and Poulter.
Banker85 says:
Miller is always talking about Ian.
legitimatebeef says:
They are both douches. They can twitter war each other until each one disappears into his own bunghole for all I care. The less of this claptrap we are exposed to the better.
birdieXris says:
Props to Johnny Miller and all he's accomplished in his career, but dude needs to get a life.
homermania says:
Good thing he had Dustin as a playing partner. He is experienced in having to sprint to the tee.
mustang6560 says:
@homermania- NICE!
srogers13 says:
Actually, all it had to be was either Poulter or Johnson had to tee off on 18 before the horn sounded to end play. Once one of them teed off, then they had the option to finish the hole. That was why Phil offered to let them tee off if that was the case on 18. Of course, Johnny Miller starts running off with his mouth not knowing the facts.

Funny was watching Steve Marino's reaction, because he was about to hit his tee shot on 17 when the horn sounded, so his group had to play 17 to start their next morning.
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