Futzin' and Putzin' in the Bathroom
By mustang6560 on 5/17/11
Yesterday was my 26th birthday (please, hold the applause). I am officially over the first hump and onto the second!

To celebrate, I worked a full 8-hour day (lame, I know). But, seriously, after work, my girlfriend and I went to one of my favorite pizza joints in Jackson called Pizza Shack for some beer and pizza. Afterwards, we went to the new putt putt course for a little fun (thanks to LivingSocial for discount!). Amy had never played golf or putt putt before and managed to get a hole in one on her first putter ever! It was pretty cool, but not as cool as my hole in one.

Anywho, I only bring this up to tell you about the gift Amy got me for my birthday. She knows I love to golf and I enjoy a good bowel movement so she bought me the Potty Putter. It is actually pretty hilarious! The putting green is basically a large, felt bath mat that fits around your toilet and it includes a portable cup (with flag), two golf balls, a short putter and a sign that says "Do Not Disturb".

She was really excited to give me my present, which made me nervous because I didn't know if I would have to fake that I liked whatever it was. When I finally opened it, I started laughing my @ss off because I would never have thought something like this existed! I haven't had the opportunity to use my new Potty Putter, but I can't wait to try it. I thought about bringing it to work, but I decided Potty Putting is something best left to oneself.

Check out the silly infomercial with the Potty Putter.

Potty Putter Infomercial

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mjaber says:
Happy Birthday. You will be receiving the bills for the therapy required to remove the picture of you sitting on the toilet from my memory. I have been irreparably harmed by this.

mustang6560 says:
cincystephen says:
maybe for your next birthday... www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncjYnLgxyCI&feature=yout
bobhooe says:
Now you will have an excuse to be in there for so long.
mustang6560 says:
My gf wanted me to point out the fact that she made more hole in ones than me - she had 3 and i only has 2.
Kickntrue says:
@EveryoneFeelingSad - Next time you're feeling down, just re-read this line from Nathan, and feel good about yourself for not publishing this thought of yours on the web forever;

"She knows I love to golf and I enjoy a good bowel movement..."
Kurt the Knife says:
"and I enjoy a good bowel movement..."

mmmmm... yeah... the high life right there.
Kurt the Knife says:
oh. happy b-day, BTW.
gpickin says:
I had this as my profile pic for the last 3 weeks, i think its hilarious.
I showed my wife last week, and she thought she'd never see me if she got me that, I'd be on the course, or on the potty green.
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