Tiger Woods Suffers No New Damage
By mustang6560 on 5/17/11
Tiger Woods announced on his website yesterday that he "irritated" his left knee and Achilles tendon but did not suffer any new "damage" last week during Thursday's round at The Players.
"Aggravating my injury is very disappointing," Woods said. "I'll do whatever is necessary to play in the U.S. Open, and I'm hopeful I can be there to compete."
The good news, Tiger does not appear to need any further surgery on his left knee. The bad news, he will be out of action for the next few weeks. He hopes to be back in time for the US Open, but there is no definitive timeline for his return.

I don't want to be a Debbie-Downer, but I have a hard time believing he'll be ready before the US Open. Even if he shows up, I doubt he'll be competitive. The left knee for a right handed golfer (like Tiger) is under a lot of pressure during the swing with all of the twisting and bending and for someone like Tiger who already has a bump knee, he's one wrong move away from another surgery.

I hope he's back for the US Open at Congo because it will be setup for him to win and we all know how he needs a win. But, I just hope he doesn't jeopardize his career by returning before his body is healthy.


photo by Keith Allison

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Duke of Hazards says:
Tiger needs a toss or two with Debbie Downer to get his mojo back.
legitimatebeef says:
Clearly he's going at it too hard during competition. That's probably why he was cleared the play the Player's, only to start hurting a few holes into the round. Everyone talks about how smoothly Tiger swings it on the range, but once a tournament starts he really rips into it. Even on that front nine at the Player's it was reported that Tiger was blasting his drives past Kaymer and Matt Kuchar's.

I feel that one of the big challenges going forward is to mellow out that downswing. He really snaps that left leg straight, especially with the longer clubs. I try to avoid pontificating about Tiger because its lame, but I'm starting to see how instinctive it is for the guy to swing so hard. He's probably done it all his life. I know he jokes around about being short compared to guys like Gary Woodland, but when is Tiger finally going to be at peace with "chipping" it around the course and scoring via precision iron play and wily short game? If it can work for Luke Donald it can work for him too.
mmontisano says:
@legitimatebeef: frustrating indeed. it worked for him at Royal Liverpool. he only his 2 drivers that entire tournament and won because of his precise long iron shots. so we know he can do it.
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