John Daly's Playboy Interview
By mustang6560 on 5/20/11
John Daly has a way of keeping his name relevant in the news despite the fact he's not making any on the golf course.

I made the mistake of clicking the link this morning to read John Daly's interview, not thinking that the interview was on Playboy's website. Oops! So buyer beware, you'll need to wait until you get home to read the full interview because it's NSFW! Until then, enjoy the highlights thanks to WeiUnderPar.

On being a nympho:
“I’m real close to being a nympho, if I’m not one,” he admits. He and ­Cladakis try to have sex at least once every day. “If I’m with somebody, I want to be with that person. I wanna have sex a lot. Anna’s been great. We’re both nymphos, I think. We like each other’s company. We like making love to each other,” he says as his eyes wander to the front door of the remote Sheboygan Falls house he’s rented west of the golf course.
On his gambling:
“I was the first one to win the jackpot of $100,000. I won, like, three or four nights in a row, and I’m going, ‘I could never lose.’ Next thing you know, you lose $500,000.” He starts talking fast and furious, telling blackjack stories with the same gusto someone else might reserve for tales of catching monster tarpon. “Back when I was playing, you could play seven hands at $5,000 and have $35,000 on the table. Sometimes 10. You could have 70 grand sitting up there. You don’t have that chance on a dollar slot or playing $25 at blackjack. I won $400,000 to $500,000 in blackjack sittings,” he says mournfully.

Eventually mistakes were made. The losses started catching up with Daly. He used to have markers in six or seven casinos, he says. “I was always trying to pay markers off. I’d owe $800,000 at Bally’s or at Caesars. I was always robbing Peter to pay Paul,” he confesses.
On drinking on Tour:
“I never drank on a tournament. I’ve been hungover many times. I could play some damn good golf hungover,” he says with a laugh. “But not once have I ever drank on a golf course on tour.” If you subjected him to a random drug test right now, as he says the PGA did five times in 2010, all you’d find is a lot of caffeine, nicotine and a couple of Viagras every now and then.

John Day's Playboy Interview (AT so Not Safe For All Work)


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