Ground Control To David Toms
By Kickntrue on 5/23/11
Could CBS have been any more annoying in declaring David Toms the quintessential champion at Colonial Country Club? What the heck did that even mean? He's "old golf," a major champion, quiet, professional, err... white and American? If Charlie Wi won he wouldn't have been a good Colonial Champion? I think CBS may be RAYCEEST!

Anyway- David Toms can't control that- only the golf he played- which he did very well. A week after losing in a playoff, Toms continued his good golf and closed strong to win for the first time on Tour in 6 years. His final round included a couple clutch par putts and of course the required bit of the amazing; a holed out iron shot for eagle on #11 extending his lead.

As far as PGA Tour events go- this one lacked drama. Toms hole out on 11 along with the nutting up by the rest of the golfers made the back 9 more a processional than a pressure cooker, but what are you going to do?

I'm happy enough for Toms, but there is something about him that bugs me- then I figured it out... the visor. I hate that choice of headwear, which made yesterday tough to watch. I need the stats on the last time both players in the final group were visor wearers. Add the Stuart Appleby meltdown we had to witness more visors on yesterday's broadcast that any in recent memory.

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rmumph1 says:
I'm happy for Toms...being an LSU alum and all. I agree on the visors though. Yesterday at a graduation ceremony a guy was wearing a visor with sunglasses sitting on top... this was inside a building...what a douche! I don't mind visors on the course but in a building is just terrible.
bducharm says:
OK, have to comment on the headline - I like "A Good Toms Was Had By All"....
dartboss04 says:
i have to disagree on the it is my choice of blocks the sun from your eyes and lets your head of both worlds...and also, if you are cursed with a gargantuan noggin, a standard cap is no longer viable...

seems like there is a lot of balding on tour as well...need that circulation up top...
bobhooe says:
I have witnessed the backward visor with the gold sticker still on the bill also wearing the coveted jorts with bejeweled pockets....on the golf course. Ahahh my work league is at a muni.
brian575 says:
Upside down visors are the best. Back in the late 80's early 90's all of the beach volleyball players would wear them. That is it, next round I am going with the upside down visor and the sun tan lotion on my nose that looks like war paint.
Banker85 says:
Good for Toms. I dont see the racist relation to the Old Golf term. I think maybe it has more to do with his style of play.
dottomm says:
My biggest peeve right now is the Taylor Made headwear. Sabbatinni? Seriously. You're no Greg Norman and that hat looks ridiculous on your big fat head, but the one that really gets me is the Taylormade cap with the really bizarre design on the brim that Goydos has been sporting. It's enough to ditch my Burner driver and get something with a pink shaft.

As for Tom. Great to see him get one after such a tough loss last week.
birdieXris says:
i take it then you don't want to add a visor to the headwear section of the site when it goes live? LOL
birdieXris says:
oh and +1 for the great title.
Matt F says:
Well, Appleby continues his good playing only to self destruct when it really counts. Does it all the time.
TheBrownCrayon says:
David Bowie title? I'm pretty sure that's a sign of the apocalypse.
legitimatebeef says:
Ground control to David Toms, sounds like a Chris Berman line.
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