Washington's Best Golfers
By Kickntrue on 5/24/11
In the June issue of Golf Digest the magazine released their list of the best politician golfers. Of the top 25, only 5 are actual senators or representatives. I guess it really is the lobbyists who have all the fun.

President Obama comes in at 108 with a handicap of 17, while other notables include Joe Biden at 29 with a 6.4 handicap and John Boehner at 43rd with a handicap of 7.9. Tops on the list is Tony Russo, a lobbyist and employee of T-Mobile (+2.3). The top female on the list is Linda Divall (number 7) with a handicap of 1.2.

What this tells me... not much- but it's fun to look at. I found an archive of Golf Digest's same list from back in 2005 and it's fun to see where some similar names have moved. For instance, in 2005, John Boehner was 22nd on the list with a 4.8 handicap. It's nice to think that as his responsibility has increased, his golf game has diminished some. In reality though- he's probably just 6 years older.

2011 - Washington's Best Golfers
2005 List

photo via Flickr user jamesomalley

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homermania says:
cincystephen says:
where is Al Gore on the list? didn't he invent the game?
srogers13 says:
Al gore had to wait for Global Warming so he could start playing. For the rest of the golfing world, Global Warming is known as Spring.
falcon50driver says:
Ted Kennedy couldn't drive over water, Bill Clinton couldn't remember the last hole he played.
Werepuppie says:
KVSmith59 says:
wasn't Clinton the Master of Mulligans?
Torleif Sorenson says:
@KVSmith59: Yes, he still is -- on *and* off the course. That's how he "broke 80" around the time My Beloved Colorado Avalanche won their first Stanley Cup.
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