Andres Gonzales's Phantom Penalty Stroke
By mustang6560 on 5/27/11
Andres Gonzales - the hairiest man on tour - tried to call a penalty on himself on the ninth hole at the HP Byron Nelson Championship yesterday but the rules official wouldn't let him. Watch the video and see for yourself.

After a few practice swings, Andres steps up to his ball and as he puts his club down to address it, the ball moves. Naturally, he assumes he was under penalty so he called over a rules official so he could replace his ball.

To his delight, the rules official explained that he actually was not under penalty because his club was far enough behind the ball at address so it could be assumed that he was not responsible for moving the ball.
“It’s all about how far behind it,” explained Brendle. “You’re putting it down too far behind it. It’s not directly behind it. You have not put it down in an area where it’s going to make the ball move.”
I am definitely not a rules expert but it seems to me that we have a double standard here. If Andres did not receive a stroke penalty for this situation, then why did Webb Simpson incur a stroke penalty on the green at hole 15 at the Zurich Classic? Simpson was on the green and went to tap in his lag putt when the ball moved slightly. So instead of putting for par, he tapped in for bogey which cost him the lead.

In both situations, the ball moved during the address. The only difference is Andres was in the fairway and Webb was on the green. It doesn't seem fair. Either both situations should be a penalty or neither.

Anywho, here's the video:


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Banker85 says:
Dude looks like a WWE wrestler. That makes no sense. Should be a penalty albeit a dumb rule.
homermania says:
I think it's time they start playing "winter rules" on tour.
mmontisano says:
Webb Simpson was mid stroke, so he incurred the penalty. this dude was just standing there with no intention to hit the ball yet.

with the rules, a lot of it has to do with intent.
birdieXris says:
yea i don't understand that. I think i'm with the house on this one, i mean he grounded the club behind the ball and it should have been a penalty. Very much like the 9 inches behind the ball or whatever Webb was when it happened on the putting green. WTF?
manny.101 says:
Very confused. Where is the difference between a ball moving on the fairway and a ball moving on the green? This is certainly one for "The Wedge Guy" to investigate.
falcon50driver says:
He certainly is very attractive, the long hair is so sexy, and the shape of his mustache must just drive the women wild.
cincystephen says:
the golf channel was going on and on about how cool this guy was and funny on twitter. So i looked him up today. I was his 4001 follower. I RT'ed him to tell him i was his 4001 follower, he replied back..."@cincystephen welcome to the cult called "awesome"!!!" me=instant fan
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