The hat hides the true beauty of The Donald.
He Trumped us!
By Kickntrue on 10/23/06
Donald Trump teamed up with former British Open champ Tom Watson to take on Natilie Gulbis and Annika Sorenstam in a skins match over the weekend in the Manhatten Golf Classic.

Gulbis and Sorenstam moved out to an early lead, but Watson and Trump stomed back to take the match 10-8. To make the match fair, Trump, a 6 handicapper received strokes, and used them to his advantage scoring skins on 3 holes for his team. In the end, it was Watson who came up with the clutch shots securing the victory for the males. They were down at one point 3-8, but took the remaining 7 skins.

The event raised over $250k for various charities including a youth golf program.

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psche00 says:
Big Ben broke up with Natilie right? Do I have a shot?
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