Happy Memorial Day Weekend
By mustang6560 on 5/27/11
Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you are planning to enjoy yourself this weekend, but don't forget the history behind the holiday. We celebrate Memorial Day to remember the men and women of the military who died while serving their country. So while you're enjoying yourself this weekend, don't forget to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

If you are looking for the perfect anthem for your Memorial Day Weekend, look no further - I've got you covered. At first, I thought about Toby Keith's "Red, White and Blue" - too angry. Then I thought about "God Bless America" - too melancholy. But then it hit me, the perfect U-S-A party song is Miley Cyrus's "Party In the USA" - ah, just right! It's about America and partying and Miley is quite the looker! (I can say that now, she's 18!)

Enjoy the song and the weekend! See you Tuesday!

Party In the USA

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Kurt the Knife says:
Gonna raise a few for my brothers in arms who serve, served and died.
N then my daughter is gonna drive me around the links while i thrash away at the grass for a while. She just loves driving the cart. Wacky kid
mjaber says:
Sadly, my Memorial day foursome has disappeared. I'll be working in the yard this weekend, unless my wife goes with her mom to her grandmother's house on Monday, in which case I might try to sneak out for a round.
GolfinHawg says:
Cooked out and played golf this weekend. All while remembering the troops who are serving, have served and who dies giving me the freedom to live free.
ppinkert says:
Worked on the house, re-doing a bathroom. Did a family gig for about an hour and honored our troops with NASCAR watching the Race on Sunday evening. Did get an early gift of a Golf Net that I hit balls into with a kind of child like fun. Was going to do a Par 3 on Monday but my playing partner bailed. So, I worked on the Bathroom some more. I'll get my 9 in after work today, if the wind will not blow for a while. :-))
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