Anyone Watch the PowerPlay Golf Tournament?
By mustang6560 on 5/31/11
Anyone watch the PowerPlay Golf tournament yesterday at Celtic Manor in Wales?

I must admit, my brother was channel surfing yesterday and stumbled upon it, but we didn't watch it for very long. I explained the basic rules to him and my brother-in-law and before I could finish, he had already changed it.

The problem with the PowerPlay Golf format is it is a different format for golf, therefore it's not golf. Would you watch a 3x3 NBA game or a 7x7 NFL game? I wouldn't and I would be willing to bet you wouldn't either. I don't even watch all-star games because they have no real significance on the season.

The biggest winner from the weekend was Caroline Hedwall, who won the "inaugural" tournament with a score of 32, and it wasn't because she won. It's because now a handful more people know her name. If you had asked who is Caroline Hedwall before reading this, I don't think anyone would have faulted you.

The biggest loser was Graeme McDowell, followed closely by Ian Poulter and Paul Casey. All of these guys are going to miss the U.S. Open warm up the Memorial Tournament because they chose to play in the PowerPlay Golf Tournament, which was yesterday. And to make matters worse for Graeme, Paula Creamer made him her @#$%.

I'm all for trying to engage the next generation of golfers but I don't think changing the format is the answer. I would rather see a looser interpretation of the current rules of golf for all none-competitive rounds. I think more people would enjoy golf if they scored better. If you're by a tree, move it; if you're in a divot in the fairway, move it; if you're within a couple feet of the hole, it's a gimme. As a golfer gets better, he can start applying the rules more strictly. Otherwise, golf is about playing good shots and unless you're in a tournament, just have fun.

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carv712 says:
I'd watch 3 on 3 basketball.
Paolo says:
I think you are way out with your assumption that adapted sports would not be watched. Over the history of cricket people have said the only way to play cricket is in the test match format, then came one day format and then the massively popular Twenty20 format. So a sport taken from 5days to 3 hours and it works.

Given a chance it could catch on, plus women, men & seniors can play in the same comp.
Clint24 says:
I watched it, only because our DirecTv account removed ESPN and everything else. I must say, I was very confused about the whole format. White flag vs black flag....The only thing I did like was seeing Greame, Ian, and Gary Player playing alongside Paula. Paula kept me intersted!
Darth Fader says:
I tried to watch it. During the second hour, the commercials were longer than the actual broadcast. They would show one player hit one shot, then go to commercial. They did that for nearly the entire second hour. It became unwatchable. Is the Golf Channel hurting for money that bad? They made it seem as if they would talk with the players more during play, but then they never really did. I think it was a good concept that they did a poor job of executing.
Paolo says:
Ioz_99... over here in the UK they showed all of the players questions and answers and the players banter. Gary Player saying why he went for the green with 3 wood from 230 and why he thought he failed and nearly hit the car in the lake, really interesting. It came across as a fun event for all.
sd_1964 says:
THought it was excellent and exciting to to watch players go for 2 diff. pins and the point system was clear and understandable. like the -3 points if you bogied or worse on a black pin. Just like the SKINS format thought this was terrific and hope it catches on here in the US !
falcon50driver says:
That's why they make chocolate AND vanilla ice cream.
birdieXris says:
i'm watching the reairing of it right now. Looks pretty fun. i think i may actually like this.
Darth Fader says:
Paolo...So while you were getting to watch the broadcast, I was watching commercials. It all makes more sense now. Maybe I'll try to catch a replay and see if they show the whole broadcast.
Envythepea says:
I tuned in toward the end and didn't understand the rules and scoring, but thought it was interesting. I like the idea of different generations and men and women being able to compete in the same event, like the Wendy's Tour Challenge thing. I believe it could have a place. Someone explain the scoring to me. How do you do a "power play"?
legitimatebeef says:
I saw some of it. I was kind of dozing off but the winner's circle interview struck me as bizarre, I recall it going something like this.

interviewer: So, are you happy about this? You don't seem to really care!
winner: No, I'm just out here having fun playing.

interviewer: So, you are you going to make a big donation to Swedish golf foundation?
winner: Umm, yeah I guess so. 50, uh....thousand, uh pounds I guess.
interviewer: Wow, that's a lot of money, you sure about that?
winner: Yeah I think so.

Can anyone confirm this?
wrhall02 says:
birdieXris says:
Also i would like to say that being Paula Creamer's @#$% does not necessarily sound like a horrible thing. Just sayin.
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