Priceless David Feherty (Updated)
By Kickntrue on 3/13/07
This amused me. It's a Mastercard produced commericial/site in its "Priceless" series. It features David Feherty running his mouth... for a long time. It actually got funnier as it continued, because you think it will end and loop, but it just keeps going and going. Check it out- and I'd love someone to call the number- I just can't stand the idea being sold another credit card. Let me know if you do. (Priceless)

This is actually much cooler than I initially thought. You call and enter a pin code and leave the screen up. It is interactive to you. While talking answers on the phone with voice recognition software, the screen changes live. At the end Feherty gives you results on the computer based on your answers.

A+ for creativity on this one!

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awsmark says:
Got on with Spaulding Smails himself. Using the numbers on the phone you answer questions so they can determine if you are truly obsessed, pretty funny.
sonofabob says:
I got Crenshaw. It was actually pretty cool. And they never even mention mastercard, so you're in the clear there...
Kickntrue says:
I got Arnie. I love how they even put you on hold like you're waiting for him to get off the phone.
klangdon says:
ya its worth the call. weird that they didn't try to sell anything to me?
DeepRough says:
They're probably just storing your phone number now, to use in an enormous marketing campaign in the near future ;)

I'll have to give this a try tonight!
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