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Cancer Scare Over For Fred Couples
By mustang6560 on 6/2/11
Three weeks ago, Fred Couples went to the dermatologist to have a few moles checked. Everything looked good, until the dermatologist got a hold of his hands.
"I don’t think it’s anything horrible, but at the time she scared the hell out of me just by the way she looked at me and what she said," Couples said.
The dermatologist removed 13 spots on his hands as a preventative measure. He described the spots on his hands as "freeze marks", which turned into blisters that caused him to miss the Senior PGA Championship.
"It got kind of tight, the skin, just because they were popping up," he said. "... A couple people asked me if it was contagious and a few other things through the airport. It’s pretty fun. I wish I could have put my hands in my pants so no one could have seen all this stuff."
I glad to hear Freddie is A-OK for now. I'm actually surprised more PGA Tour players don't get skin cancer as they spend hours in the sun during the heat of the day. Maybe more players battle skin cancer than I've paid attention to, but it sure makes me want to lather up the sunscreen before my round on Saturday. At 3PM. In 96 degree heat.

Fred admits he doesn't wear sunscreen on his hands. We'll see if his opinion changes in the future. I wouldn't be surprised to see him as the new spokesman for Coppertone Sport. You heard it here first!

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photo by Bill Spruce

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jrbizzle says:
I've found throwing in a bottle of sunscreen and hand sanitizer is the best system. Put the sunscreen on before the first tee. After applying, use the hand sanitizer to get the sunscreen off your palms to prevent losing your grip or ruining your golf gloves. Doesn't hurt to carry an extra towel either to wipe down palms and grips.

Repeat procedure at the turn.
billbadaz says:
skin cancer is no joke. My mom and dad had spots removed, and my Dad had the top of his ear chopped off... Sister just had surgery on her face. I need to slather that stuff on
gpickin says:
Yup... lather it on.
If you wear shorts, dont forget your legs, I got a great tan already this year.
I have the coppertone spray for arms and legs, and the sanitizer to get that greasy feel off my hands.
I'm almost tempted to get some all weather gloves, especially with the way i sweat.

Be smart, cover up, then read it roll it hole it :)
oobscott2 says:
spray sun screen is the best. no slimy hands that way
mustang6560 says:
I don't play with sunscreen for that very reason - I don't want my grip to slip off my club due to the grease of the sunscreen.

I was talking to someone who doesn't play with a glove and I said "I don't see how you hold onto the club without a glove." And he said he uses Winn grips.

Does using Winn grips make gripping the club easier? Is your grip any less likely to slip because of moisture or the grease from sunscreen with Winn?
Kurt the Knife says:
Melanoma is a nasty killer. Lost a few of friends that way. I'm a sailplane pilot and we lather the stuff on as our solar exposure is phenomenal. High altitudes and decreased atmospheric attenuation n stuff like that there. I've taken my sunscreen habits to the links. Don't mess around with the sun. UVB just wrecks ur cells.
Banker85 says:
i have Winn Grips and i think the cushion-y feeling helps you grip it. I think they are the best grips as far as tackyness goes. I have sweaty hands so i still need a glove but i love my Winn grips.
falcon50driver says:
Kurt, I too spend a lot of time at 41,000 ft, occasionally going to 43,000 or 45,000'.A dermatologist told me we should wear a dosimeter like x-ray techs use to get an idea of how much radiation we are accumulating. You being in the medical field, would that be something hard to get? Who would interpret it?
Kurt the Knife says:
@ Merlin,
Ur not getting as much radiation as folks suggest.
Cosmic rays absorbed on a round trip airline flight from New York City to Los Angeles are about 0.03 mSv (millisieverts = effective dose).
Ur typical chest xray is around .02msv
Unavoidable natural environmental background radiation is around 3msv/ year.
Radiation dosimetry monitoring is prolly more trouble/expense than its worth but u can find companies that do it on the interwebs.

My problem in a sailplnae is being fully exposed to UVB under that big 'ol clear canopy.

falcon50driver says:
Take a look at a Learjet windshield it's like a greenhouse. I do a lot of flying in the lower latitudes also (Mexico / Caribbean), where the sun is more intense. You really feel it on your face and arms. We usually unfold some enroute charts and hang them across the inside of the windshield to block the sun. At that altitude, there's nothing to look at outside anyway.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Mustang Sally and Banker: Is it strange that I don't use a glove when playing my Winn-gripped irons? For some reason I need it for my 15° fairway metal, but not the irons. And Bill is spot-on.
Banker85 says:
@torleif: to each his own. I have sweaty palms so the glove is mandatory. My buddy uses regular callaway grips and doesnt use a glove, he has a really strong grip. Plus the glove looks cool IMO.
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