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Rory McIlroy To Visit Haiti
By mustang6560 on 6/3/11
Rory McIlroy plans to spend the first part of next week - the final tune up before the start of the U.S. Open at Congressional - fulfilling some of his duties as a UNICEF Ambassador in Haiti. The young Northern Irishman will leave Sunday night after The Memorial Tournament and plans to stay a couple days helping with the relief effort.
“It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I signed up with UNICEF at the start of the year,” McIlroy said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

. . .

“You want to associate yourself with a charity that you feel close to, and UNICEF works with mainly a children’s charity,” McIlroy said. “And I feel like I’m the sort of age that I can relate to younger people. I just don’t want to put my name on it. I wanted to do something, and they were very keen for me to go and see somewhere where they’re hands-on.

“It just fit in quite well that I could go to Haiti for a couple of days and see what they do.”
If Rory keeps it up at The Memorial Tournament, he may be able to bring a trophy down with him.

After his visit to Haiti, Rory will travel to Washington D.C. to play a couple practice rounds at Congressional. I bet Rory will feel some culture shock next week as he goes from one of the poorest places in the world to one of the nicest places in Congressional. A friend of mine is dating a girl from Haiti and from what she's told me, life was hard before the earthquake and now it's even worse.

I don't think volunteering should be a competition and I don't think you should be pressured to volunteer either, but I'm glad to see Rory is setting a positive example for the younger generation of PGA Tour players.

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photo by thatautguy

[ comments ]
Banker85 says:
Pretty cool of him.
mmontisano says:
yeah, this is cool i guess, but what the hell does he really think he's going to do? it's not like he's going to be down there and passing out medicine, or helping build schools or homes. this trip basically accomplishes nothing. he's just going to go down there for a few days, get a tour by some UNICEF big wig that's only there because he is. walk around the place, take note how bad things really are, maybe take a few photos for Twitter and that's it.

he'd be much better off just writing a check so they can use the money to do something that's actually useful.

nothing against Rory, but i'm getting tired of this press trips that don't really benefit anyone. Angelina Jolie is also terrible at this. out of all of her trips to Africa as a UNICEF ambassador to highlight the plights of everyday life, who's actually written a check to help out? anyone? anyone?
falcon50driver says:
The U.S.Government sent a pile of my money down there.
rick_lim says:
its a good thing. UNICEF getting more exposure and making people more aware of the suffering when Rory visit Haiti. its a good start and someone bound to do something about it.
cincystephen says:
I've been to Haiti for mission work. People are already aware of the suffering there. Unless the government changes there, doing something about it isn't helping. The USA has given more than enough money to rebuild Haiti into a modern country the last 50 years. It's just sad the way it has all been handled.
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