Shaq: "The World's Best Worst Golfer"
By mustang6560 on 6/3/11
In honor of Shaq's retirement, here's a throw back video of "Superman" hitting the links back when he was in shape and in his prime (BTW, Shaq referred to himself in the video as the world's best worst golfer).

The youngest generations of basketball fans might not remember that Shaq used to be the most dominant player in the NBA. At 7'1" and 325 pounds, it was hard to stop "The Diesel". People would literally throw themselves at him to try and stop him but he'd still dunk it in their face (I swear refs used to have to call fouls differently against Shaq). He did play an integral role in the Miami Heat championship back in 2006, but his game has been in decline ever since.

Shaq and I do have a special connection - we are both LSU alumni. Shaq Fu would may be able to break the backboard over my head on the basketball court, but I'm willing to bet I could out drive him on the golf course. Just look at the video, The Big Shaqtus can barely make contact with the ball.

Anywho, congrats Shaq on a stellar career and I hope one day you and I can play golf together.


photo by Bob Bekian

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Clint24 says:
He's got a go--- eh, screw it. He sucks at golf. His episode of Shaq VS last year was hilarious. And I think we could have a competition for that title between him and my boy, Auburn player (never graduated...) Charles Barkely!

Anyways, Shaq was always fun to watch and was always a jokester. He always knew how to have fun.
id3st says:
i think nobody sucks at golf. they just haven't figured out how to score properly.
legitimatebeef says:
I have spotted the man twice in different cities. First was at Lamonica's Pizza on Sunset in Los Angeles. In person he is huge and imposing. A few years later I was walking in South Beach Miami and saw him cruise down the street in a red Lamborghini. I think he likes being seen in public.

He could've retired a while ago, so I give him props for trying to play these last couple years-- that shows a real love for the game.
SD Charlie says:
"Who's the best golfing Center in the world? -- "Me!" Classic Shaq. That was good stuff.

Side Note: Isn't Dr. J. actually pretty good at golf?
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