I Will Never Stop Posting These Golf Trick Shots
By Kickntrue on 3/12/07
I need to hire this kid.

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klangdon says:
It took me a while to figure out what was going on here. He it hitting TWO balls at the same time. One into trash can and one into the cup. Sorry if thats obvious to others...
falcon50driver says:
I hope the snow melts real soon for you guys.
falcon50driver says:
I wonder what a video would be worth, of a putt, being hit by a chip, and both balls holing out.....?
Kickntrue says:
Great News! I think I may have tracked down the person who does these. Funny enough- he found us. Interview hopefully forthcoming.
Kickntrue says:
PS- m2d,

you GOTTA get that on video if you want people to believe- haha.
DeepRough says:
you need to put this guy in touch with the people who make the Floppy...they'd probably pay him some good money to do those same tricks with their practice ball ;)
HeadwatersCC_7 says:
Hey everyone. I work summers with this guy at a country club and he's the real deal. Up and coming trick shot artist for sure. I'm glad to see he's finally been found. Thank goodness for YouTube and the winter season in Minnesota. :) Cheers.
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