*UPDATE* Richie Ramsay Will NOT Play US Open
By mustang6560 on 6/7/11

Thanks to mjaber for pointing this out.
USGA spokesman Pete Kowalski had said Tuesday morning that two extra spots were given to qualifying sites in England and Japan, and Ramsay would be going to Congressional for the U.S. Open next week.

Kowalski later clarified that those spots already had been awarded, and Ramsay remains first alternate out of the England sectional qualifier. The extra spot already had been awarded to Andreas Harto of Denmark.
For a second there, it looked like Richie had caught a break and was headed to play the US Open at Congressional. But it looks like he's still going to have to wait.

Piece of advice Richie, don't make any plans to do anything else. You've already screwed yourself once by thinking it was OK to make other plans and we saw what happened - you missed the playoff.


Richie Ramsay, who was on the wrong end of some bad luck in England last month, seems to have been shined upon by the golfing gods.

Ramsay failed to qualify for the US Open at Congressional last month because he left the qualifier early to try and make it to a friends wedding, only to find out after he left that he was in a three-way playoff to decide the final exemption. The former US Amateur Open champion rushed back to Walton Heath in Surrey and arrived in time to see Johan Edfors celebrating, thus ending his bid for the US Open. Ramsay was quoted as being "suicidal" after the unfortunate series of events.

However, the good news is the USGA awarded two extra spots to the qualifying sites in England and Japan, which means Richie Ramsay will be heading to Washington, D.C after all. Richie has only played in the US Open once and he didn't make the cut so he's not a threat to win the event. But, I am glad to see he caught a break.

The 36-hole qualifier was delayed two-hours due to fog and when Richie left at 5:30 that night, people were still teeing off. He was assured if there was a playoff, it wouldn't be until Tuesday morning so he felt like it was OK to leave and try to make the wedding (he missed the plane to Belfast). But, after all the scores were turned in, tournament officials realized a three-man playoff was in order. The other two players realized that if they started straight away, it would only be a two-man playoff because Richie was not there. The tournament officials agreed to allow the playoff and despite his best effort, Richie couldn't get back in time.

But it doesn't matter any more as Richie is headed stateside as we speak. If you're looking to root for someone with a good story, I think Richie is your guy. I just wouldn't bet on him.

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mjaber says:
I wonder if he will end up in Tiger's spot...
mustang6560 says:
I hope they quit teasing him.
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