Tiger Woods "Not Playing in US Open"
By mustang6560 on 6/7/11
The wait is over - Tiger Woods will not play in the US Open at Congressional next week. Tiger posted on his Twitter account 20 minutes ago that he is "Not playing in US Open. Very disappointed. Short-term frustration for long-term gain."

Tiger withdrew from The Players halfway through the first round due to injuries to his left knee and Achilles tendon. Since then, it was rumored Tiger may miss the US Open at Congressional in order to rest his injuries.

You have to wonder how "serious" the injuries are to his left knee and Achilles tendon. Tiger is the ultimate competitor so the fact he chose not to play calls into question (at least in my mind) the fact that his injuries could be very serious.

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gpickin says:
I hope he can make a good return shortly though.
It will bring another dash of competition back.
I'd like to see more of the NAMEs back at the top.
Half of the names we see are barely making the cut some weeks.
I'd like to see if Tiger can return and get some domination... or if the field is really that tough these days.
windowsurfer says:
I've had a bad knee since 1976, so I've had to suffer through some lousy spells. Had it scoped twice. Golf always seems to help keep it workin, but sometimes it flares up and that's it for a while. Exercise, weights, stretching, yoga, meds -- all can help, but ultimately, it's titanium parts or rest. Think I'll see if i can have my new knee joint fabricated from all the old drivers in my garage . . .
homermania says:
Good move for Tiger.
ToddRobb says:
Smart move. He should shut it down for the year and start fresh next year. There's absolutely no reason to rush his way back to mediocre (for him) golf. It's obvious the golf world will welcome him back at any point, but I for one would much rather see him play at 100%.
jrbizzle says:
I agree ToddRobb - he definitely should wait it out until he's as close to healthy as his doctor's can get him. After the turmoil he created, the golf public "deserves" to see him at his best. Technically he doesn't truly owe us anything, but if he truly cares about his fans (and I think he does) than he is not helping anyone by limping around and re-injuring himself.

I for one, think if he takes the proper time off and comes back healthy next year he will win majors again. Not sure if Father Time will hand him enough slack to break Jack's record, but I think he could probably win two more. Even one more major, in my eyes, would cement his legacy and erase a lot of ill will.
mjaber says:
@windowsurfer... your bad knee is as old as I am.
Neo says:
"I'd like to see if Tiger can return and get some domination..."

Trav says:
Good for him for taking care of himself. He will find out there's a lot to live for after the age of 35 or 40 if he doesn't burn himself up now.

But the Woods we knew is gone.
thetalentedmrripley says:
After the turmoil he created, I believe I'm entitled to at least half of what Elin got AND the house in Isleworth. Because I "deserve" it...
JTW1 says:
I am a little tired of hearing about Tiger Woods. Most people cannot even tell you who is number 2 in the world golf rankings is right now. But they sure do know about #15 (TW) Heck, I bet some golf reporters (Golf Channel) can tell you what TW had for breakfast this morning. Leave the man alone and let’s talk about PGA golfs that are getting it done. Or the lack of American golfers in the top 20 world rankings. We only have 9 American golfers in the top 20 right now and the best of that is Steve Stricker at #4.
Tiger for now is done; let’s find some stories that mean something. Like England taking over the top 2 spots and how they got there. And the up and coming talents that are really starting to shine.
Sorry for the rant but The Golf Channel last night just would not shut up about Tiger and it was driving me crazy.
Banker85 says:
I hope he comes back and wins the PGA this year. Otherwise it is 3 wasted years for Tiger.

I would say his injuries are very serious. What do people think Tiger is faking it?
windowsurfer says:
Talkin about my stupid (old) knee is about as important as a bunch of guys talking about TW. So I am starting a fan club: Mitch's Stupid Knee Fan Club. Like us on FB, follow Mitch's Stupid Knee on twitter, get your $37 Mitch's Stupid Knee official logo Titleist hat on the Mitch's Stupid Knee official website. Etc.
mjaber says:
@windowsurfer.. can I get a t-shirt that says "Mitch's Stupid (bum) knee is as old as me"?
windowsurfer says:
Yes. Use your Mitch's Stupid Knee Visa card and enroll in the "Frequent Sprain" club for double points.
mantajim says:
Who's this 'tiger' fellow?
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