Could We See A Global Tour?
By mustang6560 on 6/8/11
Could the golfing world see a united "World Tour" in the near future? Former world No. 1 Martin Kaymer thinks so.
“I think Tim Finchem and George O’Grady, they’re talking about a world tour at the moment. I think it will take maybe another two, three years, but I think eventually it will come, and then people if they want to or not, they have to travel.”
Martin was speaking at a media event at the Atlanta Atheltic Club to promote the PGA Championship in August. If someone would have proposed a global tour 25 years ago - even 10 years ago, they would have been laughed out of the room. But the world is exponentially smaller than it used to be so the idea of a global tour does not sound that silly.

The European players are much more accustomed to jet setting around the world to play golf, so I don't think it would be much of an adjustment for them. It's their American counter parts that would have a big learning curve. The money on the PGA Tour is huge and three out of the four majors are on American soil so there is no real reason for American players to travel that much. Some of the bigger names like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson travel but it's because they can collect large appearance fees. Not everyone can do that.

We'll have to stay tuned because it sounds like the idea is still in the concept stage.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Actually, I think Greg Norman wanted to start a global tour 25 years ago but got frozen out by the PGA Tour. Eventually, the PGA Tour developed the WGC tournaments in conjunction with other professional tours.

As sponsors from places other than the USA become more active, it is only a matter of time before they begin to want the tournaments played in their region or country. It has already happened to the LPGA.
mustang6560 says:
I think you hit the nail on the head, a global tour would only work if local sponsors from around the world back the tournaments. At the end of the day, a global tour would be a business and all business like to make money.
gpickin says:
BMW is a global company and they pick up the tab at several pga and lpga and euro tour events already... similar companies would be perfect for these type of events, because they would have local and global gains at the same time.

I'd like to see it, but then I dont think the PGA and Euro will go away.
They'd probably have a super tour, maybe in the OFF season, or more of a championship style thing.

Its tough when you have 2 tours pretty well set, and want to gain not lose from the situation.
mjaber says:
I think if there is a "global" tour, you'll end up either seeing a true "fifth major", and/or the PGA Championship will becoming a roaming major, being played somewhere other than the US or the UK.

I've kind of thought that at the very least the PGA and Euro tours should merge, playing the 1st half of the season in North America and the 2nd half in Europe. Basically, the US Open would be the final North American event. The PGA would move to mainland Europe, leaving the Open Championship in the Britain.

Four majors, 2 continents, 1 tour.
Banker85 says:
You cannot get rid of the PGA tour. Screw that. Hate the idea. Especially if i were a PGA player. No thanks. I hope this never happens.
mjaber says:
@Banker... Done properly, I think it could make the game bigger, both here and abroad. I don't think the idea is to get rid of the PGA Tour, but to expand it beyond just North America, merging it with the other pro tours to create a single entity. Imagine if there was 1 governing body for golf, worldwide, rather than the USGA/R&A/PGA/etc. 1 set of rules for handicapping. The same rating system. Imagine the possibilities...
carv712 says:
How many tournaments would be done away with? Would we not have the bayhill invitational (Arnold Palmer's Event) because of the BMW Open?
JTW1 says:
Let them go global, and then a few of us will get together and start an American only tour and make millions.
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