Does the 2011 US Open Need an *Asterisk*?
By mustang6560 on 6/8/11
Tiger Woods announced yesterday that he will not play the US Open at Congressional because of his ailing knee and Achilles injuries.

Without Tiger, the bigger question is, "Will there be an asterisk by the name of this year's winner?" Graeme McDowell doesn't think so.
"Whoever wins the US Open will not have a little mark next to their name saying Tiger wasn't playing," McDowell insisted. "There is still a big field full of great players fighting it out for that title and whoever wins it will have deserved it."
I agree 100 percent with Graeme. I think it's a cop-out to say that this year's winner of the US Open will have an asterisk by his name because Tiger is not playing. The best AND the healthiest golfers are playing next week at Congressional so whoever wins deserves to be recognized as such. Being healthy enough to play is just as important as having the talent to play (see Grant Hill).

Hopefully for Graeme, he can find some rhythm as he looks to defend his US Open title. He is coming off one of one of his worst performances as a professional in the Wales Open where he carded a third round 10-over par 81.

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photo by Keith Allison

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mjaber says:
Why? Why ask a stupid question like that? Does every other tournament Tigger doesn't play in need an asterisk?

Stupid sports writers.
Kurt the Knife says:
forchrissakes. I can't wait until folks stop contaminating the golf world with "ooo...what is TW gonna do?" Let's move on, shall we?
Banker85 says:
i agree. delete this post. an *? really? !
Hfree66 says:
Tiger's career gets the asterisks - *Before Elin confronted him; **After Elin confronted him (but I suppose there would be nothing that gets two asterisks).
legitimatebeef says:
This argument was dumb back in 2008 when Tiger was winning everything.
homermania says:
Trav says:
The question answer is yes, the same way every tournament also needs an asterisk because Nickluas and Palmer aren't playing. What, that's a silly comparison because they aren't the best players any more?
mantajim says:
Who's this 'tiger' fellow?
JTW1 says:
When will the golf writers ever learn, keep talking about TW and missing out on the real stories happing in golf now. When TW comes back and makes to the #1 spot, then give him his air time. TW sponsors love you for all the free press he is still getting. Give it up, TW is done.
Agustin says:
D O N E !
wrhall02 says:
Nope. Golf is just fine with or without TW. Tiger eats, shits, and sleeps just like the rest of the talented pros. He is a human being, not a god. Golf is way bigger than any one golfer, no matter how talented a glofer may be.
Torleif Sorenson says:
1000 points for @trav. Bulls-eye.
erickbelus says:
Why would it? It's not like Tiger is a factor to win anything at this point.
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