Holy Crap, Tim Tebow Is The Hulk!
By mustang6560 on 6/9/11
Holy Crap, Tim Tebow is the hulk!

Angel Gonzalez(?) posted this picture of Tim warming up on the driving range before the FedEx St. Jude Classic Pro-Am yesterday. I can't decide if I'm impressed or disgusted by his bulging biceps.

I don't want to start a rumor here on oobgolf about the Denver Broncos quarterback, but clearly the guy spends way too much time pounding iron. Somebody should ban him from the gym for his own good. If he keeps this up, his head might be completely swallowed up by his muscles.

Click the link below for a bigger picture to get a true sense of how jacked he is. No homo!

Tim Tebow the Hulk

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Envythepea says:
He's wearing his glove on the wrong hand.
crowdan says:
Is it me or does the shaft to that club look insanely long (esp in the larger pic)?
troybj2 says:
I can't figure this out as a right-handed (this shot appears to be lefty) player, but can you even get the club face in that position and still hit the golf ball?
Trav says:
He looks like he's about to break the ball. If he doesn't break the shaft first.

I'm guessing he doesn't use senior flex.
wrhall02 says:
He needs to work on his legs...
aaronw409 says:
This has been photoshopped. Tebow is not that big.
HotBacon says:
Not that impressive for a NFL player...even if he is a QB.
jrbizzle says:
I agree with aaron - photoshop - his hands look ridiculously out of proportion, the clubhead is backwards and the glove on the wrong hand.
erickbelus says:
Look at the big picture. This is clearly a photoshop job.
-That clubhead is disturbingly upside down.

-The driver is about 70" if he's 6'3". Unless he's jumping backward soon, he'll miss the ball by about 2 feet.

-His glove is on the wrong hand and the hands are as big as his face.
jrbizzle says:
erick belus is smart...oh wait, he's just repeating what I said.
windowsurfer says:
Arms are real: twitpic.com/4vk1oh But what's with the 9' long driver? (You can see it better here: twitpic.com/58y2uy
Kickntrue says:
Yah- I think it's real. Why the effort to fake?! It's just the result of angle and an iphone camera.
mjaber says:
I say it's fake. They had it up on Yahoo with another pic from the same tournament/day. He wears gloves on BOTH hands (ala Tommy Gainey), and his arms are not that big, or that tan.

SD Charlie says:
The driver probably looks long because it's moving too fast for the camera to pick up all at once. It appears stretched, just like when you capture a shot at impact and the shaft looks like a giant banana bending forward. The camera is compensating for the fastest moving object in the frame. By the way, have you guys ever taken a look at Tebow before? His arms were huge in college. On an NFL diet and weight program he's going to get even huger.
erickbelus says:
If it was moving too fast for the framerate of the camera it would be a thicker blur. something like this: media4.stracka.com/my/photos/1/3/6/2/0/2/5/13620 I don't doubt Tebow's strength, but I do doubt his ability to produce Jamie Sadlowski's swing speed
Banker85 says:
i seen this on sportsnation yesterday. why couldnt it be real? i think he is too jacked though to even throw a football.
chief_broom says:
worked out so well for Tiger...
kevinho says:
So I'm extremely biased bc I went to Florida but I read this back in March on Tebow playing the Pro Am at the Honda Classic with Jack. Basically he can hit a ton with not so much accuracy...
srogers13 says:
They actually broke his swing down on the SwingVision on the Saturday telecast of the golf tourney. And his arms were not photoshopped.
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