Miss Teen USA Caddies in St. Jude Classic
By mustang6560 on 6/10/11
What would you be willing to give to have a former Miss Teen USA caddie for you?

Chances are by now I've lost your attention. But, if you're still reading, the brunette beauty you are looking at is Stormi Henley, Miss Teen USA 2009. She also happens to be the daughter of Brian Gay's caddie Kip Henley and she's looping this weekend for her dad in the FedEx St. Jude Classic.

Kip earned a spot in this year's tournament by winning the Tennessee PGA Section last fall. Instead of hiring one of his fellow loopers, he called his daughter.
“Through the years, when I’d play mini-tours and the Hooters Tour, she caddied for me a bunch of times and did a good job,” he said. “She lives in L.A. now, has a modeling career, and is busy, but she said she wanted to do it. It’s going to be even more fun with her there.”
Caddies aren't known or judged for their looks. They are usually rugged looking dudes who are trying to grind it on the Tour. But, I bet you they will be on their best behavior this weekend in the caddie barn with Stormi trying to impress her. Kip knows his daughter is a bombshell, but he offered this warning to his friends and colleagues:
“I’ve told ’em all, you can look, but you cannot touch.”
If you're interested in learning more about Stormi, type her name into YouTube and watch her American Idol audition or search her name in Google Images. You're welcome.

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Kickntrue says:
yah- typer he name into google and waste your day... that's what nathan has been doing for the past 2 hours.
mjaber says:
Sadly... there will be no weekend coverage. Kip's currently only ahead of the 2 guys who withdrew.
Trav says:
But where does she carry the course guide and extra balls?
mjaber says:
@Trav... the same place the dancers carry their tips.
gpickin says:
Thanks guys.
My wife already calls golf and my brother (when we golf) my 2nd and 3rd wife, all she needs to see if pics of this chick all over the golf site and I'm done for :)
falcon50driver says:
Typer he name? wipe the drool off your keyboard and your fingers won't slip around so much.
Torleif Sorenson says:
M3D: +1

I'm sorry, but with a first name like "Stormi," that's just nothing but bad news.
munk24 says:
Saw her at the tournament, she was doing a good job.
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