Ryo Ishikawa Driving Without Valid License
By mustang6560 on 6/10/11
When I read the headline ("Ryo Ishikawa apologizes for driving without valid license") this morning, I figured Ryo got busted for something big. I saw the word "apologizes" and "driving" and "license" and my mind immediately began to think the worst. Maybe he got a DUI or something worse...

He was driving without a valid drivers license? Big whoop. The thing is though, he received an international driving permit in the U.S. in February so technically he had a driving license. Since when does Japan question anything that was made in the USA?

But apparently, whatever social faux pas he broke was severe enough to warrant a press conference at the airport before he left for the US Open next week where he apologizes for his misstep.
"I am really sorry for causing trouble to people concerned and to my fans for my carelessness and handling (of the matter)."

"I will devote myself every day to being more self-aware than ever as a professional golfer. I am sorry," he told reporters.
Really? Maybe I don't understand the culture in Japan, but I think it's overkill for Ryo to think he needs to become "more self-aware" for driving without a Japanese issued drivers license. For goodness sake, the young man is donating his entire 2011 earnings to the earthquake/tsunami relief in his native country. Cut the man a break already.

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mjaber says:
Apparently you need to spend a certain amount of time in the country that issues the international driving permit before it is valid everywhere. Ryo did not meet that criteria, as the article states.

I'd like to know why he didn't just get a driver's license in Japan. Is he not old enough?
mustang6560 says:
Looks like you can get an ordinary drivers license at 18 in Japan.

Kickntrue says:
If you're Ryo- why would you ever drive? Chauffeur, please.
Banker85 says:
second that Kick.
shorne says:
Getting a drivers license in Japan is a lot more difficult and expensive than getting on in the US. Of course money doesnt matter, but a lot of Japanese will use their time in US to get a driving license.
shorne says:
In terms of the Apology, Japan has a different standard of behavior for its celebrities. Just 2 years ago one of the all time famous singers, Sakai Noriko, (think Britney Spears) was sent to prison and shunned for being caught with drugs.
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